Cityfox Halloween Served Up Some Devilish Beats From Adriatique & More

06 November 2017 - - The DJ List


There truly is no better way to spend Halloweekend than by letting your body, mind and soul get consumed by beats so sinister that it'll keep you satiated till next Halloween. And that's exactly how I spent my Halloween this year, with the help of hypnotic duo ADRIATIQUE, ANDHIM, SERGE DEVANT and more.

Amongst the New York scene, Cityfox has been holding the title as one of the most immersive and high-quality underground house and techno experiences the streets of Brooklyn have yet to see. Having previously curated unforgettable moments at resident venue The Brooklyn Mirage and countless warehouses with the help of artists like TALE OF US, LEE BURRIDGE, DIXON, one could only imagine the tricks and treats they had in store for part-two of their Halloween weekend lineup, following MACEO PLEX's MOSAIC show the night before.

One of the most anticipated parts of this two-stage mammoth event, besides obviously a stellar lineup, was the fact that it was being held in a brand-new multi-room warehouse in the heart of Sunset Park. Following a last-minute venue change that left many Cityfoxer's discouraged at first, the Cityfox team ensured that no one would be disappointed with this change- and they were right. I've already been accustomed to the classic warehouse digs of Brooklyn, but this one was something different. With ceilings so high and nooks and crannies hidden all over, the set-up was any house and techno lovers playground. I was overwhelmed by that euphoric feeling of walking into the function and feeling your heart immediately sync with those wicked, thumping beats while my eyes absorbed the purple and blue fog weaving its way in and out through jacking black silhouettes in the main room, coined "The Web".

Prancing through the devil's playground with ghost and ghouls dressed to the nines, I found myself in a room lit with a sinister shade of green and decorated with candles, regal couches, holographs and fireplaces- proper living room aesthetics. 20 minutes after taking one of the best naps of my adult life, I peeled myself off the couch to go check out the second room titled "The Lair"- where NYC mainstay DAVID PAGLIA was wrapping the crowd around his finger with softer disco grooves and house melodies. The Lair was blue and yellow toned with soft lantern lights lighting up the ceiling, the perfect escape for those who wanted to take a breather from hard-hitters.

From Crosstown Rebels regular Serge Devant to energetic duo Andhim, the main room consisted of only the creme-de-la-creme of electronic talent, which is to be expected of any event put on by the Cityfox team. But the ones who absolutely stole the show were Zurich-bred demigods Adriatique. In retrospect, the term "The Web" could not have possibly been more fitting for this moment. The boys were like spiders, spinning a web with fibers constructed with hypnotic rhythms, angelic synths and dark kicks.

Capturing their victims in their silky grasp as they held down the decks with prowess, the duo crafted a soundscape that left vibrations throughout the entire city. Dropping records like their remix of Tale of Us and VAAL's Afterlife goldmine of track "Monument", Adriatique left a mark on Brooklyn that made this Halloween one for the books.

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