We went to church with Tchami in New York

15 March 2017 - - The DJ List


Tchami & MERCER stopped by New York City’s own Playstation Theater on February 18th upon their 33-date Prophecy Tour and taught us what we only thought we knew about church. The cathedral church stage presentation gracing our presence on his last tour and never seems to amaze us. When that stage lights up and the future house beats hit your ears, you can’t help but stare and gaze at its beauty. While the stage is taking your breathe away, you can get lost in TCHAMI's performance time in and time out.

Photo by: Mercer Photography

Probably the most impressive part of Tchami’s performances is that you can see him consistently and within months, but you won’t get the same performance. You will get the same caliber of stage presence and production, but he seamlessly is able to play his collection of tracks in a fresh new way. This makes us enjoy him so much as a performer because he is able to share his musical passions with his fans.

Photo by: Mercer Photography

If you missed this beautiful tour across the country with Mercer alongside Tchami, don't worry church is always in session. Catch Tchami at his next performance by connecting with him below!

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