Chet Porter releases remix of Louis the Child's 'Love is Alive'

07 September 2017 - - The DJ List


Toronto native CHET PORTER puts out a stunning remix of LOUIS THE CHILD's 'Love is Alive' on Ultra Records and it is a tremendous showcase of Chet's talent as a producer. Taking on a track that is a little bit off his normal indie-pop trail, this type of remix has proven the versatility of artists like Chet who can step in other styles that are unlike his trademark. Though we have been familiar with Chet for the last year or two, we never cease to be amazed every track he puts out and this one is no short of strong.

"First off, I love the song. It's so brilliant and catchy and well produced. Even before I remixed it I'd play it in my live sets. Now I play the original and then transition into my version. Beyond all that, Louis The Child and Elohim are both good friends of mine, so it just made sense and it was really enjoyable to work on. Super glad I had the opportunity to remix it."

- Chet Porter

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