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Industrial Dance Project DELTA-S Revealed New Album "Coven"

“Delta-S is a project that can walk through the dark places of a person's life. It provides some context for our struggles – that our story is larger and more hopeful than we know.”

"Coven" - out now on WindM Records, Scribe - is the latest album released by electro-industrial project, Delta-S. The album is an introspective adventure through the darker sides of human nature. Its cinematic soundscapes have roots influenced by progressive house, industrial rock and dark synthpop. If you are a fan of artists like Hans Zimmer, you will undoubtedly appreciate the emotive journey that is "Coven."

"Coven" sounds like a score from your favorite sci-fi action movie and is intended to deliver a message: there is beauty in all of life's experiences, even the darkest ones.  This message is delivered through a compilation of instrumentals contrasted by emotive vocal tracks. The mixture adds to the cinematic element of the album. You really feel as though you are listening to a movie. Each track is a unique scene painting it's own feeling.

“We are on a trajectory to an amazingly beautiful place of love, hope, and wonder but along that journey there is darkness and terror… The music is meant to be a comfort and a friend to listeners as they confront their fear, longing, and sorrow.” -Lyte

Delta-S is the electro-industrial brainchild of music producer, LYTEs. Though primarily a studio project, Delta-S performs with a rotating cast of musicians who makeup the ongoing live band. Collaborators include Lyte's best friend Moe, Kristy Hawkshaw, Christina Novelli, Sarah Russel and Booty Luv. Check out the music video below for "Wastelands" for a closer glimpse into what Delta-S is all about.

About Delta-S:
Delta-S is a cinematic electro-industrial collective spearheaded by producer Lyte. Since its inception over two decades ago, Delta-S has been Lyte's brainchild. Originally formed as a collaborative project with high school best friend Moe, Delta-S has evolved into an ongoing collective – Lyte steers the helm and with every new release guests contribute. Cameos include trance singer Kirsty Hawkshaw, EDM vocalists Christina Novelli and Sarah Russell, and British dance duo Booty Luv. And while Delta-S is primarily a studio project, even the live band has a different lineup. This rotating cast has kept the outfit alive, protecting it from decay and decline.

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