Catching Up With Dannic on Revealed North American Bus Tour with Hardwell, Dannic, and Dyro

29 April 2014 - - The DJ List


Revealed Recordings has become one of the leading labels in the EDM industry, and the timing couldn’t be better for label’s all-stars to go on tour. On April 10th, HARDWELL, DANNIC, and DYRO kicked off their first show of their North American Bus Tour in Minneapolis, and brought the massive party to stops in Ohio, New York, Rhode Island, and Pennsylvania. After last year’s successful bus tour throughout Canada, we were more than stoked to hear the trio would be teaming up again to perform in United States locations. While on their way to their ninth stop in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, we were able to catch up with Dannic, and he told us the tour “has been amazing so far.” Since their 2013 bus tour, Dannic and Dyro have had huge releases that have put the talented artists in the forefront of the EDM world. Dannic explained that compared with last year’s tour, “so much has changed since then, so it’s unreal. It’s heart-warming to see so many fans coming out especially for us.”

The Revealed North American Bus Tour also brought another insane factor to the table, which involved dancing LED water fountains and a water screen projecting 3D images that correlated with the music. This new water spectacle added a unique, interactive spin on an already spectacular show, ultimately creating an unforgettable experience for the audience. According to Dannic, “It’s a new concept; the guys from AQUA make a special production specially for the show. There are a bunch of fountains and it projects visuals onto the fountains. It’s super cool, something really new that’s never been done before, and it just adds something extra to the show.”

As the number 1 DJ in the world and frontman of Revealed Recordings, teaming up with two of his best friends, Dannic and Dyro, could only lead to an incredible tour. With the help of AQUA, each performance reached a new level of epic, and the revolutionary concept will definitely set a new standard for concert production. When asked about the last two shows, Dannic told us, “I’m really looking forward to it. Every show we’ve done so far has been really good, so I’m excited.”

The Revealed North American Bus Tour came to a close after it’s last stop on April 19th in Pennsylvania. The tour was a success, to say the least, and we can’t wait to see what’s coming next for Hardwell, Dannic, and Dyro. To see last year’s After Movie of the Revealed Canadian Bus Tour, click here.

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