Monstercat's Grant Talks The Balance Of Being Both A College Student & Producer

It's one thing being a college student and it's another thing being a break-out producer in the dance music scene- but to live thes...[more]

Ruben De Ronde discusses his new album "Togetherr" with Rodg

Ruben De Ronde is known for his progressive, trance taste that strikes a stunning unique musical balance. Based in the Netherlands,...[more]

Ferry Corsten: Sci-Fi inspired album 'Blueprint' is more than just music

Ferry Corsten is one of the longest standing names in trance. Minutes after finishing his performance at Insomniac's trance event c...[more]

Exclusive Interview With BGRZ

Remixing Angelique Kidjo's iconic "Agolo" is no easy feat, but producer BGRZ has done a wicked job with his memorable version. Havi...[more]

Exclusive Interview With De Hofnar

With a distinctive, pop-centric brand of electronic music, De Hofnar has just released two unique singles for Crosswalk Records und...[more]

We sat down with ATLiens about their present and future

We sat down with the rising star duo ATLiens crawling into your reality at a festival near you. Don't let the masks fool you, thes...[more]

Exclusive Interview With Friends In Paris

Currently blessing the world with their exquisite new single "When Your Heart Is A Stranger," electronic duo Friends In Paris have ...[more]

Exclusive Interview With Spag Heddy

With a hot new EP, "Meatball Mafia," now out on dubstep label Never Say Die, we decided to catch up with its producer Spag Heddy. A...[more]

Armada's Newest Signee Frank Pole Talks Italian Roots & Leaving A Legacy Behind

Branching off into other sub-labels such as Armada Deep, Armada Trice and The Bearded Man to name just a few, the Armada Music impr...[more]

We sat down with rising star Max Styler

We sat down with rising star Max Styler to discuss his latest releases and what is in store for this new artist. What was once a si...[more]

Exclusive Interview With LarryKoek

With a strongly melodic style and an ease of production, Dutch artist duo LarryKoek are set to go far. Having just released another...[more]

Unlike Pluto discusses his music, 'Everything Black' tour and more

Photo Credit: CYK Media

You probably heard his superb remix on Diplo's "Revolution". His name is Unlike Pluto and since had succ...[more]

Exclusive Interview With Palm Trees

First things first, please tell us a little about you… who are you and where are you currently based?

Thanks for having me, gu...[more]

We sat down with Dirty Audio and talked about how he failed music class

We chatted with Dirty Audio to discuss life, music, and the fact that he failed music class. The very class that should have helped...[more]

Sultan + Shephard On Their New Vegas Residency & Experimenting With New Genres

It's pretty rare, almost like fate it seems, to come across another fellow producer that nests on the same wavelength and flow as y...[more]

Exclusive interview with rising young star Le Malls

In the beginning of March we placed Le Malls on your radar for his newest release 'Blazed' featuring Beckii Power. Shortly after th...[more]

Exclusive interview with ReauBeau after Lowly Palace release

Following his latest release on Lowly Palace, we decided to chat with ReauBeau to discuss his latest releases, future releases, and...[more]

Bingo Players Talks Humble Beginnings & Signing Talent On Hysteria Records

Bingo Players is a mainstay name that holds a significant place in electronic music, having turned the scene upside down in 2011 wi...[more]

Mickey Valen releases 'Wildcard' on Lowly Palace, so we decided to chat with him about it

Mickey Valen, a New York City born and bred, has been making waves over the past three years. Prior to following his passion for mu...[more]

Firebeatz on their recent record release "Ignite", hints on huge collabs and more

The last time we met with Firebeatz was a couple years ago at Insomniac's Beyond Wonderland in 2015. Known for their mainstage anth...[more]

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