Exclusive Interview With Helena Legend

With her brand new single "The Giant" available now as a free download, we grabbed the beautiful Helena Legend for a few words abou...[more]

Laidback Luke discusses his latest release 'To The Beat' with Yves V

Laidback Luke is one of the most seasoned producers and a respected veteran in electronic dance music. Beginning in house and techn...[more]

Stellar shares his thoughts on 'Jokers Revenge'

We sat down with David Garcia of Stellar to discuss his latest release Jokers Revenge, out now on Beatport and Spotify. This track ...[more]

Exclusive Interview With Luvian

With a serene production sound and a fantastic new EP that has just landed, we can't get enough of UK artist Luvian right now. Chec...[more]

Exclusive Interview With Rebecca & Fiona

Exclusive Interview With Rebecca & Fiona

This week we speak to Rebecca & Fiona, the Swedish sensation who are seemingly unstoppable right now. We grill them on their latest...[more]

Exclusive Interview With Gigo'N'Migo

We speak to production duo Gigo'n'Migo about their new collaboration with Jonas Stero, and what else they have going on musically r...[more]

Rossella Blinded

An Interview with Rossella Blinded

Italian producer and DJ Rossella Blinded has been on a tear in the US since first coming here and is gearing up to head back home t...[more]

Artist of the Week: Octopus Recordings' Founding Father Sian

It's been some time since I've stumbled across an artist so unique that I was curious to dive deeper into the method behind the ma...[more]

Sander van Doorn continues tour, set to release new collaborations

Sander van Doorn has had a tremendous year so far and it has only begun. He has been busy in the studio producing new music for his...[more]

Exclusive Interview With Foreign Beggars

You guys have been away for a fair bit. Where have you been, and what have you all been up to?

All over I guess. We've been tour...[more]

Exclusive Interview With Kove

You’ve just done a crazy amount of touring including festivals such as Glastonbury, Reading & Leeds and then off to places like V...[more]

Exclusive Interview With Trampa

You're known for the dark and deadly dubstep that you make, but where did the name Trampa come from exactly?

Really random actua...[more]

Exclusive Interview With ReauBeau

We're chatting with Dutch producer ReauBeau this week, who has just dropped a wicked debut EP "My World" through new label Wolfgang...[more]

Exclusive Interview With Lulleaux

We got in touch with melodic house producer Lulleaux to get the lowdown on his latest work for Ultra Music, and what this promising...[more]

Juicy M talks upcoming Album, Collabs, & Life in the Industry

The DJ List caught up with world resident vinyl-slinging, ultra-multi-talented DJ Juicy M regarding next steps with music and beyon...[more]

Josh Wink shares his musical origins, 22 years on Ovum

Philadelphia born and based Josh Wink is one of the true pioneers of techno, house and allied styles - blurring the definitions. Fr...[more]

MaRLo discusses new single 'Darkside' and possible solo tour

MaRLo has gone a long way since he started in the beginning. Dutch born, Australian raised MaRLo has established himself as the num...[more]

Exclusive Interview With London Future

You should watch out for London Future, as this name is going to continue to emerge this year. Working with Ultra on first a Nature...[more]

Interview: Nature of Music

In 2009 Mazi and Kian formed Nature of Music, and have since worked with some of the industry’s most innovative producers. They h...[more]

Meet Klingande, mastermind behind "Jubel" and more

Photo Credit: Freedom Film LLC

Klingande is truly one of the best in melodic house music. Klingande aka Cedric Steinmyller is fr...[more]

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