Carter Reeves Heads Up CloudKid With "Fine"

23 November 2018 - - - The DJ List


Formerly of Aer, Reeves broke out on his own earlier in 2017, releasing his debut EP, "Fresh Fruit." Now he's back, armed with an easy, breezy dose of bright, summery EDM-pop in the form of new single coming via CloudKid, ‘'Fine.’'

‘'Fine’' is an ultra-melodic new single that showcases the continual evolution of his pop-styled sounds. With his incredibly strong vocal and catchy underlying beat that lead to his electro-pop chorus, this new track is infectious from beginning to end! His honest and reflective lyrics tell a personal experience, captivating listeners into the song and the words that he says.

Discussing single ‘’Fine,’’ Carter says: ’’Every now and then I get lost and need some guidance from family or a friend. Fine is stream of consciousness referencing a conversation with my brother. It’s about falling in and out of love, and realising I need to defer those feelings and focus on the task at hand.”

Give ‘Fine’ a listen below!

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