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04 January 2017 - - The DJ List


Bronze Whale is an indie-electronic duo comprised of Austin natives, Aaron Jaques and Benny Alley. In 2011, BRONZE WHALE has been making their mark on electronic music through a solid production of originals, remixes, and collaborations, all of which have taken them to top charts. Last year they had releases such as their original "Best," in addition to remixes of Imad Royal's "Down For Whatever" and CRYWOLF's "Slow Burn,".

You two only started in 2011 and released your first EP in 2015. How did it feel to have such a great response to your very first EP you released?

Aaron: We had such a transitional period while that was coming out. We had a new manager and new booking agent. We just felt like there where so many opportunities that we needed to step it up and take advantage of it. Looking back I think we over worked it. I'm proud of it but it was more of a learning experience than watching the success of something.

Benny: We had spent so much time on that EP and had only done remixes and singles. So it was time to do a EP but we had no idea of how to even do one. By the time we got done with it we really didn't even know what it was any more. There was so much invested that we just had to let it go out the door and not think about it.

How did you come up with your name? What is the story behind that

Aaron: Basically we had a hard time coming up with something to call our selves. Benny actually owns a small brass whale paperweight. I had never seen it and he threw out the name Bronze Whale... We where almost Brass Whale, but we decided to use use that name until something better came along and it just stuck.

Benny: Clearly we did something right with our name because everyone asks us that.

Tell us about your newest EP “Million”, a collaborative EP with singer/songwriter THE ODDS.

Aaron: During the writing process we where way outside of our comfort zone and because of that we explored some things, especially in "Call Me Out". We didn't care if it fit in with the stuff we normally make. We based it off if it sounded cool and the family and friends reactions that where coming through his house where we recorded it.

Benny: We had never really worked with a singer like The Odds before. When we started recording him it was this really good mix between indie rock and a soulful side. So when we put it together it pushed our sound and allowed us to revisit old dub staples of dance music with chunky drums and big builds. Then we put it with this soulful R&B indie and made it something really different.

How did you decide you wanted to work on a full EP with The Odds? How do you decide who you want to collaborate with? Is it based on their style of music, the idea you already have?

Aaron: We met The Odds a couple of years ago and he had mentioned working together on music for about the first year we were hanging out. We had seen him play live and sing covers but never really heard his original content. We eventually went to help him just record. The original concept wasn't a collaboration just to help him get his songs down.

Generally for collaborations we either hear something that strikes the chord with us. Very rarely is a preconceived notion. It's based on a vocal or writers style that we want to work with. Regardless if its incoming or outgoing, it's aways based on if we find something interesting with what the other person is doing. When we work with vocals we find to be less interesting we have to push more than is necessary.

Benny: Before we knew it a year had gone by and we had a really good time going up to Oklahoma to record and hang out with him. We had put a lot of ourselves in the songs as well and it just came out that we started to dream up releasing it as a collaboration.

Sometimes collaborations come inbound and we'll pick stuff based on a voice or melody that is different from the standard singer. It might be a rasp or a break or the notes they pick that we feel gives them an advantage. When people listen back it will be the nuances that make it all stand out.

You guys are from Austin Texas, what has the music scene been like there in the last few years? It has become a real up and comer for other styles of music other than its historical rock.

Aaron: Austin is great, we love it here. There is not a really a strong electronic music producer base here but we have big acts that come through and people show up. We're really happy to be part of a budding electronic music base here. We've gotten to meet a lot of up and comers here and that's why we started Magic Magic. To feature Austin talent like Poles, Morqix, and 5-D. We're happy to put music out that features them. We just don't have a big common place for producers to meet up... yet.

Benny: For a town that has so much live music when it comes to electronic music it's really hungry. We where both born and raised here and we meet new people all the time who are working hard to build it up.

Tell us about the track “Mercy”?

Aaron: It feels like the only song that we re-wrote and re-did because we had such a journey on the rest of the songs after that. We even brought Morqix into it to add a little extra.

Benny: It's the last song on the EP but it was the first one The Odds presented to us. It's what kicked it all off and made us realize there was something special to this song. His delivery mixed this R&B soul style but had commercial appeal to it.

You were originally going to release this as a single teaser from the EP, what made you decide to release the EP all together?

Actually this is the last song that came out. We wanted each song to breath and have their own time so we put out each song individually on Soundcloud and let it have a month to do its thing starting back in October. Now that all three are out we will put the body of work out on distribution for iTunes, Spotify, and the rest.

Do you guys have anything exciting coming up for the future after this EP release?

Aaron: We are focusing in on writing a lot more originals and are doing a new song with 5-D. There is a lot coming on the Magic Magic imprint as well.

Benny: The next thing we have coming is a song we've been excited about for a while. We really wanted to get back together with Tom Aspaul after we remixed a song of his a few years back. So we collaborated and wrote a really great song. At the same time one of our favorite producers POPESKA re-emerged and we collaborated with him on it as well. That one should be coming out next month.

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