Borgore discusses “Blasphemy”, LA music scene with ‘Frsh Blood’ + more

04 November 2017 - - - The DJ List


Still in the middle of his 60+ date world tour ‘Blasphemy’, BORGORE continuously has brand new music on the way. ‘Blasphemy’ kicked off earlier with the release of the record by the same name, the dubstep producer and DJ just finished his performance at Bill Graham Civic Auditorium to thousands of people. His set was insane with heavy bass drops that builds up into filthy and grimy drops...which we all love Borgore for making us go mental. We got a chance to catch up with Asaf right after his set where he discusses the idea behind “Blasphemy”, his newly inspired label called ‘Frsh Blood’ and more.

Talk to us about your record “Blasphemy”?

It's lit. It's a long story. I made an EP called “Blasphemy”, five records...I was supposed to give it to Paul who is the label manager years ago. The songs were ready and they were done. They were in his email and they were about to release them as an EP. I kept being really OCD and kept wanting to work on it because I didn't like it, etc. I missed all the deadlines, the release is tomorrow deadline...we ended up dividing the EP release in sections. “Blasphemy” was the first section which came out like two weeks ago. Next record is “Salad Dressing” with Bella Thorne out this Friday and hopefully with a video because also OCD about the video, I'm not happy with it. We'll make it happen. I also played another record from the EP today called “Coco Puffs”. Was supposed to be delivered yesterday and it was not because I was still working on the mix down before the show two hours ago while they gave me the wolf face. I actually played it today and I'm pretty happy with it. We might have the final version. We probably missed the deadline but it will be pushed by only a week. There's one more record coming out after that and it will be called “BYD”. Yeah, that's the full story.

How’s the tour been so far?

So far it's been really really good. You know, ten years later and it's still full on dude.

Talk to us about ‘Frsh Blood’. What is your vision for it and why did you create the brand?

‘Frsh Blood’ is a thing I am very thankful for Paul about. Paul, I'm giving you a shoutout motherf*cker. Buygore was always about what's up next. You know, before the curve with trap we signed a lot of the trap style like DOTCOM and stuff like that. It was on Buygore before trap kind of exploded. Then came the whole bass house thing. We had the first record from JAUZ before he released it on Mad Decent. We were always before the curve. Right now we are feeling that in Los Angeles, some people are into the heavier dubstep and some people like to call it 'riddim'. People call it different names. We feel like the heavier bass music has a space again. People want it. Therefore we started a new label to support the even newer up comers. Buygore has always helped people but now we have ‘Frsh Blood’ to broaden the sound. It's more hardcore. We did a show two weeks ago at The Belasco with the lineup from the releases and 1,800 kids on a Wednesday came up.

When you’re finding new talent for your label what catches your attention when you’re discovering new talent?

So again, I have a really good team. I have Paul, Christina and Emily. We are a strong team and we keep our ears open to what is coming up next. We're trying to find stuff that stands out. Right now we've signed some really interesting people. There's some really interesting sh*t going on right now.

If there’s one thing you’re most proud of - what is it?

That I survived this year. It's an awful f*cking year. I've seen the memes and the only one making it in 2017 is Cardi B. That's the only person that succeeded in 2017.

What can we expect from Borgore next year?

I have one really big record. But I'm just waiting on the vocals and the guy just had a wedding. I know you guys are The DJ List, but I'm very tired of DJing. I want to focus more on production. Next year I'm going to be in more sessions, not necessarily as Borgore but as Asaf coming to produce for other people or for whatever. You know, I started the wave this year and the last two years I kind of left the whole STEVE AOKI thing and got grimier again like I used to be. Next year it's either going to be a grimy Borgore project or stuff that is very pop.

We saw you posted a 17 kill spree on Twitter. You must be a gamer.

Oh that was PUBG or PlayerUnknown's Battlegounds. The most popular game right now actually, it took League of Legends out of number one on Twitch. I played Counter-Strike for 15 years and I could not be convinced to play another game. GTA, COD, etc., I was still addicted to Counter-Strike. There was just no other game for me. Some people were giving me sh*t. This was a North American server that I played with no cheats. No one knew who I am. I might have gotten lucky...but lucky is 9 or 10 kills. 17 kills shows of some skill.

Tour Dates:
November 10 - Raleigh, NC - The Ritz
November 11 - Grand Rapids, MI - The Intersection
November 16 Tallahassee, FL - Bajas
November 17 - Tampa, FL - Ritz Ybor
November 18 - Miami, FL - E11even
November 22 - San Diego, CA - Omnia
November 24 - Boston, MA - Royale
November 25 - Hamilton, Ontario CAN - Club 77
November 30 - Virginia Beach, VA - Peabody’s
December 1 - Philadelphia, PA - The Fillmore
December 2 - Baltimore, MD - Ram's Head Live
December 3 - Buffalo, NY - Town Ballroom

Tickets are still available here.

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