Bonnie of Bonnie X Clyde: new female face to watch

25 April 2017 - - The DJ List


The female counterpart in BONNIE X CLYDE, Paige, is a musical triple threat by being a DJ, producer, and vocalist. Bonnie was the sole vocalist for their entire EP 'Wanted' that was just released a few weeks ago on Insomniac Records. Each track on their EP is doing individually strong, 10-100k listens on Soundcloud alone. While their exponential rise to fame over the past year has given the music industry a fresh taste that is needed, it also gave us a new female face to watch.

While fresh faces in the music industry isn't necessarily new, talent and a desire to make truly good music is refreshing in a money driven industry. Bonnie X Clyde jumped on the scene only a few years ago and are blowing up immensely in a short period of time. When fame is thrown upon you it can be really easy to lose yourself in the rush. The story behind how Bonnie came to roots with music and the position she is in today isn't short of what most artists start out with in the beginning, it's where she's going that's different and doesn't always end the same.

"Music has always been a huge part of my life & my family's life. At a very young age my cousins and I would play American Idol at our grand moms house. We'd have auditions, finals, pick winners & that was the start of my singing days. That sparked something in me, I knew I wanted to sing for the rest of my life. I began really focusing on the writing process & working on my voice. I went through vocal lessons , did choir, the whole shebang.

I had always been focused on just being a singer. It wasn't until halfway through my college career at Virginia tech that my perspective changed. I attended Ultra Music festival & Tomorrowworld in the same year. I was exposed to an energy & a vibe I had never experienced before. I realized their was a stage I could perform on AND dance like crazy on with an entire crowd of genuinely happy people. From then on my future aspirations shifted. I bought my first traktor s4 & started djing as Vibrato at the local pub in Blacksburg, VA.

I then started producing on Ableton and dedicating my life to the entire music process. I took all the music classes at Virginia Tech that I could & every single day of my Senior year I hopped on Skype to produce w/ the now Clyde while he was at the University of Miami. We came up with the name Bonnie X Clyde, started making a lot more music, and as soon as I graduated I moved to Miami and dedicated my life to it."
& the rest is history
-Bonnie of Bonnie X Clyde

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