Bingo Players To Headline Marquee NYC, April 14th

08 April 2017 - - The DJ List


On April 14th, the decks of Marquee NYC will be graced by the legendary BINGO PLAYERS- following the North American 10-Year Anniversary tour dates that was just wrapped up in order to honor Marteen's late partner in the Bingo Players legacy, Paul Baümer, who passed away from cancer back in 2013.

The Dutch-duo's worldwide success and exposure came to be following the release of their gargantuan hit single 'Rattle', and the rest is history; fast forward to present day, Bingo Players have trademarked themselves to being one of EDM's biggest and most recognized acts. Iconic NYC venue Marquee is no stranger to hosting the most top-tier artists in the game, and the venue will be prided in having Bingo Players being yet another all-star act on the venue's roster of shows.

Marteen of Bingo Players will be coming in hot for the Marquee show- following the release of the massive and energetic tune 'Bust This' released on the duo's very own Hysteria Records imprint, that will be sure to shake and rattle the Marquee dance floor. Bingo Players will also be embarking on the rest of 10-Year Anniversary tour and taking the tunes to Europe- the proceeds of the tour which will be benefitted towards FuckCancer, an organization that raises support and awareness of the disease.

Don't miss out on a legendary night, with tunes provided by a legend. Snag some tickets for the show here and get your dancing shoes ready!

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