Above & Beyond Releases the Masterful 'Acoustic II' on Anjunabeats 6/3

06 May 2016 - - - The DJ List


After a quiet last few months, Trance's trifecta - ABOVE & BEYOND - took to Facebook for a clutch announcement this morning. With a plethora of studio hours behind them, A&B are thrilled to announce their second Acoustic album, conveniently dubbed 'Acoustic II.' The album is currently available for pre-order, and releases on June 3rd through Anjunabeats and Ultra Music. Three tracks from the album, including the feel good anthem 'Hello', are up on Spotify to stream, and if scratch the itch and pre-order the album on iTunes - you can have 'Hello', 'We're All We Need' and 'Another Chance' as instant downloads!

Pre-order 'Acoustic II' Now!

The first British act to sell out Madison Square Garden, Above & Beyond have their fingers on the pulse of both Trance and Dance Music. Their Acoustic shows have been so well received that the trio are back at it again later this month with an 18 piece band, selling out dates in iconic venues such as the Hollywood Bowl, Sydney's Opera House and London's Royal Albert Hall. A followup to last year's 'We Are All We Need', 'Acoustic II' provides emotive, instrumental renditions of album favorites and A&B classics

Full Tracklisting for Acoustic II:
1. Hello
2. We're All We Need
3. On My Way To Heaven
4. Save Me
5. All Over The World
6. No One On Earth
7. Black Room Boy
8. Peace Of Mind
9. Sticky Fingers
10. Alchemy
11. Counting Down The Days / Liquid Love
12. Blue Sky Action
13. Another Chance

Though the group has recently released more tickets - I checked, and in major cities tickets are at an all time scarcity, as many of their 2016 shows have already sold out. But with the incredible breadth of talent on display, I'd venture this event is worth finding a ticket and selling an arm or a kidney for (I mean, we have two of them?)

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