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08 December 2016 - - The DJ List


Jakob, otherwise known as BEARSON, is an up and fast coming artist who has been very busy during his music career. Starting at the age 16, Bearson has managed to create his own unique style and co founded Next Wave Records, gone on tour, headlined his own tour, and he's only 21. It's clear that this young artist has a lot of other things in store for him, and right now he's on tour with LOUIS THE CHILD. We had a chance to chat with him before he went on to play his set.

How are you feeling about being on tour with Louis the Child?

It’s exciting, going from my own headline tour which was like a few dates with smaller rooms to [rooms] three times the size, it’s just awesome. I get to play for bigger crowds than I normally would.

What’s one of the main differences from headlining your own tour?

It’s fun to be around friends and just tour with cool people, and it’s a different job as an opener as compared to a headliner, cause you kind of have to get the crowd going, you’re not supposed to give it all away, so it’s like a different world.

Where would be your dream place to tour to?

I want to tour in Asia. The crowds are always mental and they really love music, and they show a huge love of music. I played in South Korea in August, and they just go crazy. I want to play in China, South Korea again, Indonesia, Philippines.

What’s your favorite thing about being on tour?

Traveling, seeing all the nature, and getting to eat food. Food is one of my favorite things in the world. So all of that, but the whole thing is cool. The only bad thing about it is not being with family and other friends and stuff. But as long as you have cool people on the road it’s fun.

So if food is one of your favorite things, what’s the best food you’ve gotten to try?

I don’t know… I don’t choose where we eat. I would probably like to dig a little bit deeper if I was choosing where we eat everyday. But it’s just like going to the best restaurants around the local cities and stuff is my favorite thing.

Your new single was just released last month, One Step at a Time. Is there anything else new you’re working on?

Yeah, there’s a ton of stuff. I have a new single coming out early next year, I have a music video for One Step at a Time coming out, this month, and then I have an EP planned early next year.

What were some challenges working on One Step at a Time?

Getting the right vocal, I’d say, and getting the whole song together, cause it started in one place and went through a bunch of different vocal versions before it ended up as One Step at a Time. I just started another demo version with Astrias and Oslow, and she was busy and releasing an EP and doing a ton of features. I couldn’t get her on it, so I had to shop around and try to get it together.

Is there anybody that you’re hoping to collaborate with?

A ton of people, ELOHIM, whose on the tour is someone I want to work with, a Norwegian called DAGME. Obviously Louis the Child and were working on some stuff while on the road. They are huge artists that I want to work with, but I think it’s cool to work with up and coming people that are sort of at the same place in their careers, and just building together. I think that’s a cool thing. And a lot of people from the SoundCloud community are doing that.

Which music platform do you prefer to put your music out on?

I’m still a huge fan of SoundCloud, because that’s where I started and that’s where my loyal fans have always been. So I feel like I owe them not just the short preview of my song but actually putting up all my music there for streaming. But obviously Spotify has become more of a priority and trying to build bigger numbers there, and grow a following there. And that’s what the industry really looks at.

Do you have any goals for 2017? One major goal for 2017?

To be able to release music freely and be creative, and not be like held back by any mean business people and just be able to do my thing.

Runs Next Wave with his manager. I did some of my songs there and then I signed to Ultra and Sony, and with them we did a distribution deal. For Next Wave with Ultra and Sony as well. So my last single was released through Next Wave as well.

How do your two roles of running a label as well as creating music mix?

I would say that they flow together pretty well. Part of it is me, finding artists that I like, trying to build something cool that represents my taste in music, and pushing artists that I feel like deserve more recognition, and help them out. It’s all just a passion project that we’re doing and it’s not like we spend a lot of money just trying to make it a cool thing, instead of saving and making a lot of money, we put it back into making it cooler.

What would you say to someone who is trying to start a career in music?

I would say to be patient and don’t take everything too seriously. Don’t stress. Just create whatever you want to create. Don’t feel like you have to follow any trends. Just like dig deep into your heart and in terms of what you want to create. And if you do that, over enough time, you’re going to end up with something unique. At least in most cases you’re going to end up with something unique if you just stay away from the trends and try to venture into your own world.

Despite him stating that opening was more challenging than headlining, he didn't preform like it was a challenge at all. It was almost effortless for him to hype up the crowd, and his enjoyment of being on stage was visible. If it was a challenge to open, then it was a fun challenge that he won. In his set was a good mix of remixes and his own work, with him playing his new single One Step at a Time that was received more than well by the crowd. He showed that he could play a set that had perfect ups and downs, and didn't give everything away.

Bearson was the perfect opener for Louis the Child. They're styles and their sets for together well, and the only bump was the moment of silence between the sets as things were set up. But that moment of impatience in the crowd was forgotten the moment Louis the Child took the stage. Their visuals and how the two worked the stage with each other was nothing short of perfection, and it was almost as if the two were riding off their excitement of being nominated for a Grammy the day before. They gave SF treat of playing new music and closed the show with their hits, It's Strange, and Weekend. If you have the chance to see this tour, I would highly recommend it.

And one thing that I'll always remember about this show, was when Freddy asked the crowd, Raise your hand if our music has ever made you happy" and seeing all the hands raised, he ended with "and that's why we do this." And that, Louis the Child, is why you're going accomplish so much more in the future.

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