BAYNK Discusses Finding Your Sound And The Video For "Come Home"

05 December 2017 - - The DJ List


A connoisseur at crafting breezy, laid-back tunes, BAYNK has established himself as a household name for those who adore quirky, bubbly beats with sweet-like-honey vocals. Nesting alongside the likes of WHETHAN, SHALLOU and more, BAYNK has been able to combine a tropical sound with elements of future bass and electro-pop to fans alike. With his shaggy hair, artistic vision and delicate charm, this New Zealand-native has been making waves in the scene- and his Someone's EP proves just that.

With melodic compositions and sensual, smooth-like-butter grooves, Someone's EP is said to be an ode to "an anonymous 'someone' that may in fact still be undiscovered"- with singles like "What You Need" and "Come Home" with Shallou hitting over millions of streams and counting. Following the EP and a recent fall tour with HAYDEN JAMES, this year has been wrapping up to be the pinnacle of BAYNK's career. And this is only the beginning:

Let’s kick things off with some background- your musical upbringing growing up in New Zealand and how you got started as an artist.

My mother kickstarted my music career at the ripe age of 5 by forcing me to play piano at a young age which I eventually quit to start playing guitar and saxophone and sing in a couple of bands. I studied chemical engineering at college before deciding immediately after the fact that it wasn’t for me and music was.

After getting a mix back from a studio of our bands first single, I was so disappointed with how it sounded and knew it needed more work, but also had no money left to rent the studio space anymore. So I bought some recording equipment and downloaded the music production software Ableton and instantly fell in love.

If there’s anything you wish you could tell yourself in the past, having started out as a bedroom producer and now on this incredible journey, what would you tell yourself?

Stop comparing yourself to others and make the music that resonates with you. Experiment with sounds and techniques as much as you can. Differentiating yourself sonically and visually is so important. Showcase your personality to your audience, everyone wants a deeper story and connection, there is no-one else like you so take advantage of that.

Your video for “Come Home” in collaboration with Shallou is absolutely breathtaking and visually stimulating- tell me about what made you wanna work with Mr. Kriss for this record and the process of creating this video. Shooting in Paris must’ve been sick!

I was put onto him my my friends over at Czech Vibes Sounds and was completely blown away. I worked with the two directors from that group (@czech_vibes ) who developed the concept. We went back and forth over email a few times until we had something nailed down and then they shot and edited it. I couldn’t make it to the shoot unfortunately but was so happy with how it turned out!

It’s clear that you love incorporating strong vocals into your feel-good tunes- are there any vocalists in particular that you’d like to work with?

There’s so many but my current favorites are Kacy Hill, Anna Of The North & Frank Ocean.

Let’s dive into your “Someone’s” EP. The singles you’ve already released off the EP have had a tremendous amount of success- hitting over a million streams on SoundCloud. “INT.” and “Want 2” are a bit on the sexier, deeper side of the EP where as the other tracks are more upbeat and feel-good. Do you find yourself wanting to experiment with new genres? And what do you want people to feel while listening to this EP?

All the time. The love for certain genres dips and fades over time so I find myself making whatever comes naturally to me. I’ve tried to force myself to produce a certain sound in the past and it’s never worked so I just stay true to whatever I feel in the moment. I want people to feel breathless whether that’s from dancing or from the emotions conveyed in the song. I want them to have the same rush of adrenaline I get when I’m making it.

Future bass is a genre that has been absolutely dominating lately- what do you do to set yourself apart from other producers within the same realm?

A lot of my staple drum sounds and synths I’ve made myself. I also generally gravitate towards using weirder samples and generally only ever use my own voice to make vocals parts which can’t be replicated by anyone else.

When you’re not producing or touring, what do you like to do in your free time?

I love traveling with friends, seeing new places and documenting it. Also obsessed with snow-skiing.

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