Bassrush: Excision's tour 'The Paradox' was a sweaty success in San Francisco

03 April 2017 - - - The DJ List


Photo Credit: Rukes.com

This past weekend the completely sold out Bassrush event that threw EXCISION's latest tour 'The Paradox' was completely insane. While Bassrush is known for its phenomenal bass music events that continues to redefine the bass culture globally, this particular show was unforgettable to say the least. There was 150,000 watts of pure PK Sound and Excision, 12TH PLANET, CRIZZLY, PROTOHYPE, COOKIE MONSTA, FUNTCASE, PARTY THIEVES, Rick Remedy, BARELY ALIVE, DUBLOADZ and DION TIMMER utilized the sound systems to the max.

As soon as I arrived to the venue, all I felt was the massive bass echoing throughout the venue and along the walls and I knew I was in for one hell of an experience. I could tell that the lineup was solid and each artist did not disappoint from start to finish. Sometimes I even wondered if I could endure the entire show with all the extreme head banging and crazy vibes that kept going throughout the night.

As soon as Excision took the stage and drop incredible record titled "The Paradox" below, the entire crowd lost it. The track is off of the new album for 2017. The stage itself was a huge LED wall that complimented the bass music and the bone-chilling sound system. It was so immersive that some concertgoers didn't even leave the floor area. The production and lights were truly impressive that captured the entire atmosphere that had huge moving parts and designs for each drop. I could tell there was a next level attention to detail that was put in place for this Bassrush event.

I cannot wait to attend the next Bassrush event even if my ears are still ringing a few days after the show because the experience in and of itself was intoxicating!

Photo Credit: Rukes.com

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