Autograf Release The Sultry New Lyric Video For Their Latest Tune "You Might Be"

06 May 2017 - - The DJ List


Chicago-bred trio AUTOGRAF have been dominating the charts with their latest single "You Might Be"- which made its debut on Big Beat Records, had racked up over 1 million streams within just the first week post-release and snagged the #1 spot on Hype Machine. Now, Autograf takes it one step further as they release the sultry, aesthetically pleasing lyric video for the hit tune.

Lils delicate, chilling lyrics flow into the soft red-and-pink color scheme of the film in a mesmerizing fashion, accompanied by the raw, vulnerable artistic overall vision from Brooklyn-based director of the video, Patricia Gloum. The video breaks down the boundaries of most lyric videos, as Gloum's take on "You Might Be" serves as an emotional piece of moving art that you can feel your soul getting absorbed into:

“You Might Be' represents for me the death of a feeling you can only contemplate, slowly getting consumed and nothing is been done to stop it,” Patricia shares.

The trio is known for their unique, artistic take on their brand as artists- and "You Might Be" is yet another flawless brushstroke on the canvas that makes up the masterpiece of what Autograf is about.

Stream the original track here!

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