Armada's Newest Signee Frank Pole Talks Italian Roots & Leaving A Legacy Behind

03 May 2017 - - The DJ List


Branching off into other sub-labels such as Armada Deep, Armada Trice and The Bearded Man to name just a few, the Armada Music imprint is called home to some of the worlds greatest tastemakers, both top-tier as well as up-and-comers. Focusing on their newest label venture, The Bearded Man was created to highlight "out of the box" music that breaks down musical barriers and has no constraints- and the brand just recently added one of their most promising acts yet: FRANK POLE.

The newest signee landed himself on the imprint with his latest single "Remember You", which perfectly fits the ethos of what The Bearded Man is about. In addition to the single, Frank is working on a heart-warming video campaign that focuses on how we want society to remember us as individuals.

The up-and-coming producer has a good head on his shoulders and will trail-blaze his way to the top in no time- and he sat down with us to talk about the single, the music scene back home in Italy, coffee, and leaving a legacy behind. I can truly truly say without a doubt that Frank was one of the most kind, humble, creative and driven people that I've ever had the pleasure of interviewing. And you'll see why:

There's a lot of buzz around your new single "Remember You"- tell me about the making of the track, inspiration behind it, everything.

I was in my studio in Italy and I was just jamming on the keyboard on my computer, you know just nerdy stuff. That night I was watching an Italian film with my sister and I was so inspired by it...so I produced a track and I got Knightley to write the lyrics and it was amazing.

As a producer, I am slow, but this track was done within 3 days. We tried to do something clever and original that no one has done. I am a dance music producer, but this song is not that powerful for the dance floor but it is radio-friendly. It's a story and I was just wondering how good or bad it may work- so I really believed in the track's potential and it's very different from the previous single.

Yeah, people have been having a great reaction to the track which is great since it's a different sound. Are you gonna be experimenting with any new genres?

I'm always down to do something new but right now every producer is doing something like The CHAINSMOKERS, and I don't want to be just another one of them. I wanna be clever and different in a new way, so I think I'm gonna keep the dance feeling in my records but nothing too crazy- just sticking to simple sounds that people can enjoy without stressing about it. I wanna keep the story-telling vibe too so I'm very focused pop songs. It's more or less what AVICII did but in a different way, so I wanna stay in that direction.

Well you're on a good path! Along with the track there's a video campaign that you've been working on as well, so tell me a little bit about that.

I asked some people like a New York City police officer and an astronaut from NASA the question of "what do want to be remembered for?" This question is really hard when you ask someone to do it on the spot and people actually get really inspired by this question because they're like "how do i want to be remembered?" It's been really fun.

What was the most memorable "how do you want to be remembered" moment from the video?

What really surprised me is that everyone is saying something really positive but seeing that makes you understand that they really mean it- it's nothing forced. It amazed me that you can get people inspired by a simple question, no bullshit.

I totally get that since it's so genuine- so how would you say you want to be remembered?

I want to be remembered of course for my music, but I also am a guy that lives in Italy where music is not that important and the music industry is not that considerate. I really love making music and I want to be remembered as a guy that transformed his hobby into a real job. It's a simple thing but it's something that means a lot for me since it's not as easy as just "writing a song". My life was always full of things but music was always there- so I'm gonna be a musician and nobody can stop me.

You mentioned back home that the music industry is not that prominent, so how did you start producing? Or when?

I started producing when I was 13, and it happened after I listened to Satisfaction by BENNY BENASSI. After that song that was really different and really successful in Italy which is crazy since Italy is very closed off to new genres, but that song was something else. i listened to it and was like "I want to know how to do that". This curiosity in electronic music was pushing me to continue producing so I was always searching for answers and I'm basically just a nerd. But I'm always gonna be curious to know and do more.

Going back off of the other tracks you've made- you did a remix for Grayson Chance and then ended up having him featured on your track, so what was that like working with?

Working with Grayson was cool since he's such a good guy, always smiling and joking, so being with him in the studio is great. Since the remix I did for him was successful, we were just like "okay, let's do a song together then" and he was so open to it. I went to LA to work in the studio with him the whole day just me and him, and the song was made so quickly. That might've been my most favorite studio session I've ever had because the song was born as if nothing. Music is all about enjoying your time making it and it shouldn't be forced.

That's a really incredible thing to say since with everything going on in the industry, a lot of the time the focus goes away from the true thing that matters- which is the music. Is there anyone you'd like to collab with in the future?

I actually have a single coming out with another producer that I can't say who yet but I really enjoy working with him. But truthfully, I prefer to work with songwriters because I can handle the nerdy, tech stuff and they can handle the live stuff. Every time I get into the studio with a songwriter I get so inspired, more than with other producers.

But if I had to choose anyone, I would pick *drumroll* Ed Sheeran- he's such a real guy and not a product of the music industry. But as a producer I would say Will.I.Am since the Black Eyed Peas are my favorite artists and I even have a tattoo of "where is the love" *shows tattoo on ankle*.

That's awesome! So you'd say he's definitely a big inspiration for you then yeah?

Yeah definitely- Avicii is also a big inspiration for me too.

i noticed on your socials that you love coffee- how do you take it?

At home, I have my own personal mocha that nobody can use! But during the day, I have more coffee and go to coffee with friends all the time. That's my coffee routine day- morning, after-lunch and one in the afternoon.

Are you a cappuccino or latte kinda guy?


Any plans on an EP or album?

Actually no- we're gonna keep releasing singles because I wanna keep the audience focused on one song at a time. I'm working in LA on new, strong records so that when I go back to LA I'll produce them, perfect them and release them. I need to figure out how to release them too because a lot of producers just want to release a constant stream of music so to me it's better to release one track that's really strong rather than a couple of songs that are just "eh".

Since you're a relatively new producer, have you played any shows yet? If not, where would you love to play?

I haven't played under Frank Pole's name, but if I could play anywhere I'd pick ADE. The thing I love about ADE is that there are small clubs that you can go and really see the guy playing so it feels like you're really dancing with him. I prefer small clubs. In the states, I'd love to play Omnia.

Any other upcoming projects in the works or are you just focusing on the campaign and the singles for now?

Actually, we just had an idea with a song I'm writing that has a cool concept. It sounds complicated but basically, the song is sung by a song itself. It's a song that is stuck in a girls head, so there's a relationship between the song and the girl the same way there would be a relationship between a guy and a girl. I started this concept with a songwriter because I have an idea for a video about the personification about music so I think it would be really cool.

With future projects I have a lot of ideas similar to the video campaign for sure because I'd love to get in contact with my fans which is such a cool thing to do. I don't like celebrities that are very far from their audience because if you're there, it's because people love you- so you have to get involved with them.

Stream Frank's new track 'A Little Bit Closer' here!

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