AObeats Soars To New Heights With Hip-Hop Centric "Pilot" Mixtape

25 April 2018 - - The DJ List


There's nothing quite like a good, wholesome mixtape to make your day and bring back the focus on the quality of music in an unconventional way- and the genius spearhead behind the Moving Castle empire quite literally dropped the most fire mixtape of 2018. Soaring his career to new heights and taking the world by storm with his A1 beats and impeccable production skills, AOBEATS has branded himself as one of electronic music's most esteemed tastemakers- harmoniously fusing the stylings of electronic, hip-hop, pop and trap into one beautiful hybrid of a genre. And of that genre was born a mixtape named "Pilot"- and AObeats is the pilot of the journey this mixtape is about to take you on.

"Pilot" is multi-dimensional- creating depth with every vibrating kick and earth-shattering snare. With heavy influences in hip-hop and rap, AO ignites the beginning of the mixtape with the trap arms pumping to selects like the sultry "Duress" featuring SAKIMA and "All over the Map" in collaboration with BLAISE. Up next is pop-centric "Peanut Butter", where he joins forces with our favorite girl-next-door MARK JOHNS and our favorite kid-next-door and fellow Moving Castle co-founder ROBOKID to deliver hands-down one of the best singles of 2018- a total vibe packed with a funkadelic groove and curvy frequencies all viewed through a magenta and yellow lava lamp.

Diving further into the journey that is "Pilot", "Unwind" has a proper The Weeknd vibe with a trap inspired drop; meanwhile, "Butterscotch" takes a completely different turn- steering away from the hard-hitting kicks and hyped up bangers to transition into sweet, delicate vocals that leave you with goosebumps all over your skin.

In my personal opinion, I think "Butterscotch" is the stand-out track of this entire mixtape. Wrapped in warm golden hues and a dainty guitar melody, the track shines like cascading waterfalls of melted butterscotch; it's the auditory embodiment of how you feel after tasting the lips of the love of your life and just feeling your entire soul melt into theirs. Not to mention SATICA's top line on this number that rounds out the entire EP into one perfectly mastered compilation of all-star talent matched with too-good-to-be-true instrumentals.

Speaking of all-star talent, there is no better way to wrap up the mixtape none other than with Moving Castle golden boy MANILA KILLA on the appropriately titled tune "Epilogue"- which bittersweetly wraps up the EP with euphoric pads, echoing drums and vocals so masterfully chopped that you would think that AO was on last season of Master Chef or something.

"Pilot" has flown its way into our hearts and landed with ease- and AObeats has exceeded his own expectations of what being a tastemaker and curator truly is. It's only a matter of time till he drops his next musical masterpiece that we know will be nothing short of stellar.

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