Andrew Rayel And Max Vangeli Join Forces On "Heavy Love"

03 July 2017 - - The DJ List


What happens when "the future of trance music" and a noteworthy powerhouse of a producer join as one? You get an uplifting, catchy and powerful track- courtesy of ANDREW RAYEL and MAX VANGELI.

"Heavy Love" could not have been more appropriately named, the tune being a good balance between a big room banger and a heartfelt track you'll find yourself jumping around in your bedroom singing along to. With empowering vocals, elements of horns and an addictive melody, it'll be no surprise hearing "Heavy Love" make it's way into every major festival set this summer season.

We hope that this'll be the first of many collabs between the boys, as the process behind "Heavy Love" was organic and magical:

“Max and I are good friends. When we made ‘HeavyLove,’ it felt totally natural and effortless because we vibe so well together. I’m really excited for this new song! The crowd reaction has been amazing whenever I play it in my sets. I can’t wait to see how far we can take it!”- Andrew Rayel

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