Amerek Newest Record Back To You featuring John Bloom Is Out Now!

29 September 2017 - - - The DJ List


"Back To You" is the work of newcomer AMEREK and up and coming artist John Bloom on vocals. Both worked together on this song to share a story of love, loss, and inevitability. The breaks feature an emotional piano section covered by the ballad-style verses that build up into an emotionally juxtaposed release on the drop with a big bass and the catchiest of top line melodies. We're looking forward to this release and everything from these talented artists in the future!

Previously known as Aaron Marcus, the California native has been creating music for most of his adult life. After years of writing songs and playing shows at the top tier nightclubs in LA, he is now launching his new music brand, Amerek. Breaking boundaries and combining the best of all worlds is how he would describe his new sound. His forthcoming single “Back To You” is a ballad-laden future house bomb that features the vocals of rising artist and studio-mate John Bloom. His style is a blend of dance music from around the world; songwriting and melodies inspired by artists from Sweden and Holland, the tech-driven percussion of Ibiza and South America, and the edge, grit, and size of his hometown of Los Angeles. Be on the lookout for big releases and tours this year from Amerek.

Pangea Records, from Orange County, California is a new record label that has set its sights on the top and how you get there. Their concept revolves around offering their artists more than just a home for their music, but also to have access to experts in fields shared with the music industry. Each artist has the opportunity to develop their brand with the help of these experts and deliver content to the masses with a bigger picture in mind. Aside from music there are advisors that assist with the graphics, video, design, and marketing of their music, style, and overall message for their fans. Since Pangea is founded and run by artists, they know just how tough the music industry can get. Their message is about growing together as a collective of artists from all creative backgrounds who work together to improve and share their art
with the community.

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