Alyx Ander Drops Melodic New Single "Wake Up For The Night"

27 July 2017 - - The DJ List


Miami-based but NYC-bred DJ/producer ALYX ANDER blew us away as a newbie coming onto the scene with his chill-inducing, feel-good track "Close Enough" back in 2015. Since then, "Close Enough" has hit over 1 million streams on platforms like Spotify alongside his other massive hit "Memories Of You". Now, the third time's the charm as Alyx Ander releases his long-awaited single "Wake Up For The Night".

Alyx is the literal epitome of what fresh, down-to-earth, humble talent truly is- and it brings me an overwhelming sense of euphoria to have seen his career hit new exciting heights since I initially wrote about his very first release way back when.

"Wake Up For The Night" features angelic vocals served up from Caroline Penell, and kicks off with a soft, melodic groove. I honestly don't think anyone could hear this song and not fall in love with it- its infectious melody and sweet-like-honey lyrics instantly captivating anyone who hears it. Piano chords accompany some tastefully done vocal chops, a gorgeous melody and an uplifting, feel-good dance drop that'll make you wanna dance with your best pals all night long.

We look forward to seeing what the rest of what the year will hold for Alyx Ander- as we know it will be nothing short of stellar.

Get the track HERE!

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