Afrojack closes successful performance at OMNIA Las Vegas

18 November 2017 - - The DJ List


It’s not every day (or night) that you get to see a multi-award winning, platinum-selling producer spin in an up-close and personal club experience. The Dutch dance music mainstay AFROJACK did not disappoint during his most recent set at Las Vegas’ OMNIA Nightclub. Located inside the iconic Caesars Palace, the state-of-the-art venue serves as the perfect host for those looking to get lost in dance without the feeling of being a tiny speck in a giant warehouse (or being too far from the bar!). Afrojack capitalized on this setting, directly interacting with club goers, working the energy up and down without ever stagnating or losing the crowd’s focus.

The same can be said for Ravitez, who scaled the crowd’s energy up in preparation for what was to come. As solid as his set was, though, there was a palpable shift in energy – a sudden compacting on the dancefloor; an instantaneous “turn up” moment – when Afrojack took over. Highlights included: when a short snippet of “Take Over Control” was worked in, causing an immediate explosion of energy or when the new banger “Dirty Sexy Money,” featuring Charli XCX and French Montana, was dropped to a somewhat unknowing, but quite receptive crowd of fresh ears.

Exiting the venue, there was an undeniable afterglow amongst the crowd – participants in what had clearly been a special event.

Don’t miss Afrojack’s next appearance at OMNIA on December 2nd.

Written by E. Reyes & D. Young.

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