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05 January 2017 - - The DJ List


Adventure Club’s debut album, Red // Blue, set to release Friday, December 2nd, has the perfect mix of songs to relax to and songs to rage to. The album name Red // Blue comes from their style of having songs that are highly energetic (Red) and songs that are melodically soothing (Blue).

Despite the album pulling you in these two different directions, the songs all fit together and it’s easy to listen to this album straight through. ADVENTURE CLUB has done a spectacular job with pairing hypnotic beats with well-thought out and poetic lyrics. This debut album confirms that Adventure Club has a lot to offer and this beautifully balanced album is just the beginning.

The theme or songs come first?

Conceptually the theme was always there it was like an underlining concept that we failed to realize. So during our live shows we always liked to play heavy music coupled with, like super head banging, raging stuff, and then 15 minutes of like tear jerking, heartfelt emotional songs, and that kind of translated to when we were writing songs in the studio. Some songs came out a bit more aggressive and some more somber. And that the dichotomy we have on the album. The red stands for the aggressive and the blue [stands for] the more somber songs. So the songs technically came first, but I think the theme was imbedded in us before we came up with the album.

Why did you pick the colors Red and Blue?

Red and blue colors very strong focal points with our branding since the inception of Adventure club. If you go back to some of our first remixes the red/blue are super apparent, if you go back to the first music video we ever did in 2012, we’re both these makeshift super heroes and one of use is wearing a red helmet and one of us is wearing a blue helmet. So that’s always kind of been there, and one day we were trying to think of album names, and after going through hundreds of them one of us, I think it was Christian, said “red/blue” and it kind of really solidified and glued everything together.

You guys started pop-punk band, do you think you’re going to switch genres again?

We were a heavy metal band and then a hard core band and then slowly, progressively got lighter and lighter until Adventure Club. So we have, but no one knows it, and I don’t think anyone is going to know. It’s kind of like a masked thing, and if you’re not in that specific genre you’re not gonna know. It’s definitely not electronic music. And then as far as Adventure club goes, I think we’re slowly going to start introducing live elements, so by the time that 2018 rolls around, we’re a fully functioning live act. A lot of the songs on the new album sort of lend themselves into being able to be played live.

Were the songs placed on the album in a specific order?

A lot of time went into the track listing. Originally we were going to release, this would’ve worked if there were physically copies being sold, we would have release part 1, red, and part 2, blue, on the same disk, and specifically said which songs were which, and then once we realized that it was only going to be an online distribution thing we really wanted to make the flow as, I guess, we really wanted to make it a journey. We wanted to start high and then get lower and lower and then rise back up. We wanted to keep everyone’s senses after the highest journey.

What’s your favorite track to play right now?

Without You, is one of our favorites. Firestorm, a lot of our fans have already gotten the lyrics so when we play it, and we’ve only had 1 or 2 shows that we’ve played it at, but there’s just a ton of people just chanting along to it. Apart from songs that were already released and been playing, Breathe is one I really like playing live cause it just sucks all the rage out of the crowd, and you just have to get into feels for that one.

What were some major inspirations going into your new album?

It’s kind of all over the map. If I were just to name artists Neils Strom, Oliver Arnold for a lot of the piano inspiration, for a lot of the indie stuff XX and Dustin Kensgroove Dan Holloway, maybe older Bon Iver. And then 1975. It’s all really all of over the place. M83. Anything we’ve heard in the past 4 years I’m sure played a part in the mixes on this album.

What’s the best crowd that you’ve played for this year so far?

I wanna say Lalapolooza. I wish this year wasn’t such a blur for me, but I think Lalapolooza, with the enormity of the crowd and just the over all acceptance of different types of music.

What’s up next in 2017 for Adventure Club?

2017 is just crazy when it comes to touring. I think we have in total, maybe like 2 weeks max a month worth of days off. We’re hitting North America, we’re hitting Asia, Australia, Europe…. It’s going back to like 2014 touring grind, nonstop album exposure, nonstop touring, and like I said we’re going to start introducing live guitar and some keys on to this tour and then 2018 we’re going for a full band. There’s going to be another EP released. We have songs we wanted to release but they were kind of just like, we made them too late and they missed the cut off time for the album.

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