ADE Hits Record Number of Attendees

25 October 2017 - - The DJ List


Unless you’ve been living under a rock over the weekend, I’m sure your social media feeds have been filled with posts and photos of this year’s Amsterdam Dance Event. The 2017 installation was unbelievably put together, drawing even more attendees from around the world than in previous years.

With 7,200 representatives of the worldwide electronic music industry attending the conference and people from over 90 countries, ADE has once again cemented its position as the world’s leading platform for electronic music.

ADE really is a stunning collaboration of artists, fans, and those behind the scenes, coming together for a weekend mixing business with pleasure in one of Europe’s most amazing cities. It seems that each year, ADE becomes increasingly vital to the electronic music industry and those who work or participate in it. Not only does it create once in a lifetime networking opportunities for those on the business side of things, but also stacked lineups and shows every night for the devoted fan.

It’s no surprise that ADE has reached a new record of visitors with 395,000. We’ll keep our eyes peeled for next year, and maybe they’ll hit that 400k.

Be sure to check out the conference highlights for each day:

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