Adam Snow Touches Our Soul With "From_With Love"

01 August 2017 - - The DJ List


There's something about dreamy piano chords and sparkly synths that just warms your heart and weaves its way into your soul- and with young ADAM SNOW's latest cut "From_With Love", we're getting a heavy dose of soul food.

Dropped a little over two weeks ago on world-renowned imprint Majestic Casual, "From_With Love" is the quintessential track that fits into the brand like a missing puzzle piece. Hi-pitched, delicate vocals capture that classic, peaceful MC sound- while soft 808's, scattered claps and a line of consistent hi-hats fuse together in the form of a chill, hip-hop beat.

The tune is the auditory paragon of what laying on a fluffy cloud would feel like- so now we can only wait to see what else new-kid-on-the-block Adam Snow has up his sleeves.

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Stephanie Kazhiloti

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