5 Hardstyle Tracks for the Non-Hardstyle Listener

28 April 2015 - - The DJ List


While some may think that hardstyle is more of a narrow genre, it encompasses so many different sub-genres. The only thing rawstyle and euphoric hardstyle have in common is their BPM. The fast, thumping bass may seem abrasive at first to the non-hardstyle listener, but once it combines with an uplifting melody or mesmerizing vocals, each element comes together to create a work of art. I’ll admit it’s not for everyone, but shouldn’t be ruled out by those who simply haven’t given it a shot. I’ve compiled five feel-good hardstyle songs that I think a non-hardstyle listener would enjoy. Check them out below!

1. COONE - “Into the Madness”
Coone is definitely a hardstyle powerhouse, and his track “Into the Madness” saw huge success. It was first released October 6 of 2014 and sat at the top of the Beatport Hard Dance Top 100 chart for months. The vocals and melody flow effortlessly together, creating a tune you can’t get out of your head. The bass obviously hits hard, but still fits perfectly with the other aspects of the track. This song is definitely catchy and maintains an upbeat feel.

2. BASS MODULATORS - “Radiance”
Dutch duo, Bass Modulators, are more on the up-and-coming side of hardstyle, but still widely recognized by fans of the genre. Their track “Radiance” was released in September of 2014 on the iconic label, Q-Dance Records. “Radiance” doesn’t feature vocals, and really doesn’t need to because the melody is so powerful on its own. It has this uplifting vibe with almost sad sounding undertones -- it’s really quite intriguing. This song is easily one of my favorite hardstyle songs as it delivers an incredible energy.

3. LNY TNZ & RUTHLESS - “Fired Up (ft. The Kemist)”
This song is a little more aggressive than the others on this list. LNY TNZ is known for their gnarly, gritty rawstyle, and this song is a toned-down version of that. It still features some of those screeching synths but also incorporates catchy vocals and an upbeat melody which ultimately give it the perfect balance. The second drop takes a totally different turn from the first drop, completely changing the song’s vibe. Overall this track packs a punch, but just enough before becoming too much.

4. Sound Rush - “Froz3n”
Sound Rush is an extremely talented duo who are just getting started in the music world. They released “Froz3n” in December of 2014 via Lose Control Music. This track is easily another one of my favorites, and gives me goosebumps whenever I hear it. “Froz3n” has this pure, uplifting feel that delivers nothing but good vibes, and the hardstyle kick gives it tons of energy. The second drop is similar to the first but incorporates a richer, higher melody that takes the track up another notch. The vocals tie the whole song together, maintaining a presence without being overpowering. Definitely a hardstyle classic in my opinion.

5. WILDSTYLEZ - “Back to History (feat. Cimo Frankel)”
Wildstylez is definitely a big name in the hardstyle world, as he’s dished out so many hits. His remixes for Hardwell and Nicky Romero have seen huge success as well as his original tracks, like “Back to History.” This song features an incredible male vocal from Cimo Frankel, which flows perfectly with the track’s melody. It feels like a progressive trance track that’s been flipped into a hardstyle one. The drop is powerful, but still uplifting -- definitely a feel-good track that leaves listeners smiling.

Ultimately, hardstyle takes many different forms, from aggressive to euphoric. Hope you enjoyed the five tracks above.

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