22-Year-Old Griffin Stoller Stole Our Hearts With Latest Track "With You"

20 March 2018 - - The DJ List


Most people at the ripe age of 22 are well on their way to finishing college and addressing the absolute crippling fear that is adulthood, full-time jobs and taxes staring them right in the face. Then there's Griffin Stoller, the award-winning trailblazer that's already managed to secure spots playing noteworthy festivals like Snowglobe Festival and this year's EDC Las Vegas. What differentiates Griffin in a sea of future bass producers is that he incorporates his years of experience masterfully playing the violin and his own vocals into his sound, to craft an end product that touches the souls of anyone who listens. And the proof is in the pudding when it comes to his latest release "With You", in collaboration with Molly Moore.

"With You" is a sweet-like-honey love song with touching lyrics from both Griffin and Molly, a beautiful violin solo accompanied by piano chords, the right amount of snares and hi-hats and a thumping bass to make this the ultimate bop for summer 2k18.

Safe to say Griffin Stoller "stole" our hearts with "With You"- and we can only wait in anticipation to see how the rising star will take the dance music world by storm.

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