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Artist Title Release Date
Omarion, Remixes By B & B, Wookie Entourage 05/30/2007
Beyonce & Shakira, Remixes By Freemasons Beautiful Liar / Deja Vu 05/08/2007
The Freelance Hellraiser, Remix By Alex Gopher We Don't Belong / A Punk Rock Version Of God 04/10/2007
Evelyn King Shame / I'm In Love 02/03/2007
Christina Aguilera, Remixes By Junior Vasquez, Shapeshifters Hurt / Ain't No Other Man 11/14/2006
Christina Aguilera Back To Basics (Intro / Makes Me Wanna Pray / Back In The Day / Ain't No Other Man / Understand / Slow Down Baby / Oh Mother / F.U.S.S. / On Our Way / Without You / Still Dirty / Here To Stay / Thank You / Enter The Circus / Welcome / Candyman / Nasty Nau 11/09/2006
George Michael And Mutya This Is Not Real Love 11/07/2006
Rogue Traders, Remixes By Chris Lake, Olli Collins & Fred Portelli Watching You 10/11/2006
Rogue Traders, Remixes By James Ash, Dirty South Watching You 10/11/2006
Superjupiter, Remix By Lys You Know - Disc 1 10/07/2006
Superjupiter, Remix By Jupiter Ace, Kosmetiq You Know - Disc 2 10/07/2006
Eurythmics Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) / Love Is A Stranger 09/29/2006
Odyssey Native New Yorker / Ever Lovin' Sam 09/29/2006
Christina Aguilera, Remixes By Junior Vasquez, Ospina & Sullivan Ain't No Other Man 08/18/2006
Rougue Traders, Remixes By Tom Neville, James Ash Voodoo Child 06/30/2006
Rougue Traders, Remix By Fuzzy Hair Vodoo Child 06/30/2006
Kelly Clarkson, Remixes By Craig J, Chris Cox, Ralph Rosario, Walk Away 05/27/2006
Kelly Clarkson, Remixes By Jason Nevins Since U Been Gone 05/27/2006
Killa Kela, Remixes By Adam Freeland, Wiley, Clipz Secrets / Jawbreaker 04/25/2006
Eurythmics, Remixes By Steve Angello, Sander Kleinenberg, David Guetta & Joachim Garraud Sweet Dreams / I've Got A Life 11/01/2005
Kasabian, Remix Jagz Kooner Club Foot 04/22/2005
Alcazar, Remix By Soundfactory This Is The World We Live In 09/21/2004

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