Poodle Vinyl

Artist Title Release Date
Len Lewis & Ruby Khan Climate Change EP 12/23/2005
Avus, Remix By Smithmonger Breeder Of Psychosis 09/16/2004
Avus, Remixes By Woka Junior & Emjay Camis, And Timmy Your Body 06/12/2004
Len Lewis, Remixed By Mazi Rake The Day 10/01/2003
Derek Marin, Remix By Hidden Journey Yankee Poodle Tony 07/09/2003
Len Lewis, Remix By Gareth Oxby Infinite Groove 04/02/2003
Gareth Oxby Pres Dub Monsters Timewarp 12/03/2002
Len Lewis Dark Cavern 07/17/2002
Sarah Jane Morris Ever Gonna Make IT 06/27/2002
Len Lewis Paradise People 03/20/2002
Len Lewis, Rmx by Grant Dell Illicus 02/13/2002

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