Labels: B

B[0-9] B2T Academy Digital, B52 Records, b1
Ba Bad Boy Records, Bad Taste Recordings, Barcode Recordings
Bb BBQ Records, BBC, BBQ
Bc BC Records, BCD Music Group, BCNREC
Bd BDR Music, BDivision, BD Productions
Be Bedrock Records, Be Yourself Music, BeatLounge Records
Bf BFM, Bfoolish Tech, BFAM Records
Bg BGM, BGM Records, BGI
Bh BHTC Music, Bhooteshwara Records, Bhuss Records
Bi BIP Records, Binary Finary, Big Alliance Records
Bj bjonikae agency, Björk Overseas Ltd./One Little Indian Ltd., Bjork Overseas Ltd./One Little Indian Ltd. under exclusive license to Elektra Entertainment Group for North America and Mother Records/PMV for the rest of the world excluding UK and Iceland
Bk BK Records, BK, BKO Productions Ltd
Bl black hole recordings, Blu Mar Ten, Blue Tunes Records
Bm BMKLTSCH RCRDS, BMSS Records , BMG Music/(P) 2000 BMG Entertainment
Bn BNS Records, BNE / YOYO Records, BN1
Bo Boysnoize Records, Bonzai Music, Bosphorus Underground Recordings
Bp Bpitch Control, BPM Recordz, BPM In Motion
Bq Bquate, BQ Recordings, BQuiet
Br Brainfeeder, brandnite Records, Browns Town Music LLC
Bt BTRAX Records, BTK, BTuned Recordings
Bu Buygore Records, BugEyed Records, Buzzin' Fly Records
Bv BV1 Finest Music, BVHM
Bw BWLR, BWG Records, BW
Bx BXR, BXRG, BX Science
By ByDesign Records, by EMI Electrola GmbH, By Product
Bz Bzoing, Bzoo Records
B@ b-sonic, B.A.B.A. Records, B Side Records

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