Labels: [0-9]

[0-9][0-9] 1605, 303LOVERS, 100% Pure
[0-9]a 4AD, 4AllTech, 4AM
[0-9]b 4Beat Records, 3B, 3by3
[0-9]c 2CB, 2Clubber Records, 2C Lectro
[0-9]d 3D Mode, 2Delicious Recordings, 2DJS4LOVE Recordings
[0-9]e 2E2L Recordings, 3EXIT Group Recordings, 2eq-Records
[0-9]f 1Forty, 2FK Prod, 3form Digital
[0-9]g 4GRecords, 9G Records, 4GF Records
[0-9]h 5htp Records, 1Hunnet, 3hree to 5ive
[0-9]i 3in1 Music, 5ilver Sub Stream, 4In4Out Music
[0-9]k 3kings Recordings, 6K Music (Armada Music), 4Kenzo Limited
[0-9]l 3lctro Records, 4line Records, 1Loop Recordings
[0-9]m 2M, 4Mal Music Management, 2much Records
[0-9]n 2nd Drop Records, 1ne'Love Records, 1ndi90
[0-9]o 5on1c3oom, 4Over Music, 4ORT.NIGHT
[0-9]p 4Play Trax, 2play, 2Play Recordings
[0-9]q 3QReq
[0-9]r 2RB Records, 2R, 3rd Wave Black Edition
[0-9]s 3Star Deluxe, 2s2, 4stars Techno
[0-9]t 1TRAX, 4th Quarter Records, 1Tribal Records
[0-9]u 1UP MUSIC, 5uinto Records, 3Up Music
[0-9]v 9Volt, 2VNDY
[0-9]w 2W Records, 7Wallace, 4Weed Records
[0-9]x 3xpl017, 2Xclusive, 2XS Records
[0-9]y 2Y Records
[0-9]z 2zRecords
[0-9]@ 2-Dutch, 9/Ninerecords, 7 Stars Music

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