• August 04, 2011 9:00 PM to 2:00 AM
  • Ruby Skye
    420 Mason St., San Francisco, US
  • Ages 18 and over

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trevor simpson brother ali interview
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Trevor and Mariam & Ruby Skye Present WORLD TOWN with



Trevor Simpson

On Thursday August 4th of 2011 at Ruby Skye in San Francisco

Please Purchase Tickets Here: http://tinyurl.com/4xce6cm

A few years ago amongst a stale and repetitive San Francisco nightclub scene, an idea was born. This idea was to bring the fun back to a night out on the town, encompassing great music with out stigma or bounties, multicultural experiences that embrace all ages, and entertainment that breaks though the norm in unprecedented venues. This idea was born out of an inspiration that came from a climate change in music, politics, and global information sharing. Diplo and M.I.A. separately and collectively fueled much of that inspiration. From Diplo’s mix tape “Piracy Funds Terrorism” to his production of the Balie Funk inspired Bucky Done Gun or the mega smash hit Paper Planes, these two taste makers unknowingly wrote the architecture that became the World Town Constitution and mission statement. As World Town grew from a small gathering of friends to the biggest monthly party in the Bay Area, Diplo grew from a world cult open format DJ and producer to one of the most in demand talents in the World. His collaboration with Switch to form the Major Lazer Sound System dancehall collaborative was one again a left field curve ball that pushed forward the global sound of underground music. As World Town turned 2, the music was brought to a halt as 1500+ citizens watched the amazing student made short film based on M.I.A.’s “World Town” and “XR2” which was produced by Diplo. As Tiesto made a guest afterhours appearance at World Town, Dipo and Tiesto released “C’mon.” As Crookers played at World Town for Halloween, they also put the finishing touches on their Major Lazer tracks. During all three Hyper Crush performances at World Town events, we all screamed AYO, the Diplo produced track that is a fan favorite. As Chuckie made his SF deput with a super special surprise guest appearance by Lil Jon, Diplo and Lil Jon released “You Don’t Like me.” As Afrojack played one of the most amazing shows in SF history, the Diplo and Afrojack produced song “Look at Me Now” dominated US top 40 radio. We have been working on this event for over three years, but even in his absence Diplo has been at every World Town event in spirit and in music. In the tradition of our August parties, (last year we featured Far East Movement, Dev, The Cataracs, and Hyper Crush in one amazing night at Ruby Skye) we are now SO proud to bring Diplo, the inspiration for the World Town brand of events, live to Ruby Skye for the 18 and over August 4th. It was important to all of us, including Diplo, that we kept this event as adorable as possible, so tickets start out at just $20 and will not go up past $30. Needless to say, this event will sell out, so get your tickets quickly to secure your spot at World Town, “hands up, guns out, represent that World Town”


Diplo Biography:

Known internationally as a curator amongst the worldʼs most cutting edge DJs, producers, and musical movements Wesley Pentz (better known as DIPLO) has experienced a variety of successes. The last few years have been spent running through the club circuit and having chart-topping hits with refreshing irreverence. Born in Tupelo, Mississippi, in 1978, Pentz spent most his childhood in Florida working in his father’s bait shop and being turned onto music through then-new mediums like MTV. Drifting North through the state came Miami Bass, and from the West came the sounds of Southern Hip-Hop artists. The musical influence and variety coalesced, and at 18, Pentz moved to Philadelphia for college at Temple University to study Film and Music. While a student he took a job in the South Philadephia community as a social worker and created the influential Hollertronix club night, which was the beginning of his fledgling career as DIPLO.

In 2004, Pentz realesed his debut album as Diplo called, “Florida.” It received praise and accolades in the underground community. The music embodied on this album led to an introduction via an A&R man at XL Records to M.I.A. In 2004, he partnered with M.I.A. for the mixtape “Piracy Funds Terrorism.” Pentzʼs cultural impact had started to snowball. Together they worked on her first album “Arular” and much of her second “Kala,” including the 2008 mega-hit “Paper Planes,” which reached No. 3 in the U.S. Charts and earned him a Grammy nomination for Record of the Year. His production credits have evolved since to include Santigold, Lilʼ Jon and Missy Elliot, while remixing works by Beck, Radiohead, Britney Spears and countless others. In 2009 Pentz teamed with frequent collaborator Dave Taylor (aka Switch) to release the futuristic dancehall album “Guns Donʼt Kill People… Lazers Do,” under the guise of Major Laze — a Jamaican militant at war with an evil army of zombies, mummies, and vampires.

Meanwhile, his record label Mad Decent has helped to introduce Brazilian baile funk, Angolan Kuduro, and other marginalized music to clubs around the world, developing as a trendsetting force with which to be reckoned. With the same mission in mind, some of the varied acts Pentz has signed or produced include Rye Rye, Bonde do Role, Crookers, Blaqstarr, Boy 8-Bit, Buraka Som Systema, and Rusko, allowing Mad Decent to act as a launching pad or home base for many others while spreading its influence across the globe. Through the label, Pentz has founded a charity called Heaps Decent as a social relief program to help children in Australia as well as with additional efforts internationally. In early 2009, Pentz debuted his film “Favela on Blast,” a five-years-in-the-making documentary exploring the Brazilian slum favelas of Rio de Janeiro and the thriving baile funk music scene that exists within. He is currently developing a TV show to air in 2010.

Through a widespread assortment of releases and artistsʼ works – from cumbia to dubstep to punk and beyond – Diplo has shown dynamic range with interests that span far beyond any singular culture or musical realm, standing as a working model for the truly 21st Century artist.

Trevor and Mariam Present World Town Biography:

World Town has had a choke hold on the SF party scene for the last 2 years and is showing no signs of letting up. Loaded with innovation, its progressive vision continues to breathe global awareness into an otherwise outdated nightlife through the fusion of audio, visual, and cultural collaboration. World Town stays on point persistently bringing refreshing exposure of worldwide underground new school music to nightlife adventurers with its monthly residency at San Francisco’s premiere nightclub and concert venue, Ruby Skye. World Town’s interactive music environment uses visual enhancements along with live performances and artwork to awaken the senses and create a full mind-body experience. Average club goers are blindsided by World Town’s originality and swag, having never before seen a dance party production of this magnitude stateside. A major component of World Town’s mission is to give back, and a portion of the profits from each event is donated to selected charity organizations sharing the same visionary platform and values. World Town’s fund raising recently raised a significant amount towards benefiting Wycleff Jean’s Haitian Relief Effort, and hopes to assist more charitable causes in the future with your help.
World Town is presented and produced by San Francisco’s dance power couple Trevor Simpson, SF’s most affluent house music DJ and producer, and his fiancé Mariam Shojaee. Trevor and Mariam’s commitment for the World Town experience is tangible, and each event is driven by their passion, values, and energy. Their bond, ambition, and achievements are parallel to that of David and Cathy Guetta in Paris, or Robbie and Monica Rivera in Miami. Trevor successfully captured this experience with five must have “World Town” CDs that stay bumping through speakers and headphones all over the world. Together, they are truly an inspiring couple whose colorful collaboration continues to unite people worldwide in a positive party atmosphere, leaving patrons with priceless individual experiences.
Continually dominating its monthly residency at San Francisco’s Ruby Skye, World Town has now spread its success to new market ventures including San Diego, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Denver, and Cabo San Lucas with no intentions of stopping there. World Town’s following developed from a small group of dedicated dance music enthusiasts, but has evolved into a massive fan base worldwide. World Town has locked down some of the biggest DJs, artists, and live performers in dance music including: Tiesto, Lady Gaga, David Guetta, Kaskade, Luciana, DJ Chuckie, Mischa Daniels, Funkerman, Stonebridge, Morgan Page, JJ Flores and Steve Smooth, Dave Dresden, Andy Caldwell, DJ Pauly D, of course resident Trevor Simpson. The solid relationships that have been established with some of the worlds biggest DJs and live performers highlights why World Town is the most desirable party to play in the entire San Francisco Bay.
World Town’s watchword is “Aninteractiveglobalmusicalcompassionateresistance,” embodying its mission, goal, and values. World Town is a multidimensional entertainment experience aimed at rejuvenating generations of club goers. By exposing patrons to a truly cutting-edge experience and uniting people through the power of music and culture, World Town puts the soul, thrill, and fascination back into the average night out on the town. World Town has monopolized the SF party scene, and plans on expanding its dance empire to all corners of the world. Each World Town party comes with new interpretation, unique experiences, and positive fun, and it is these fundamental aspects that keep World Town fresh and flourishing.

Please contact me directly if you have any questions.
Thank you everyone,

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