Mondo Drag, Death Hymn Number 9, Buffalo Tooth {Sea Witch}

Mondo Drag, Death Hymn Number 9, Buffalo Tooth {Sea Witch}

  • May 31, 2017 8:00 AM to 12:00 AM
  • Rickshaw Stop
    155 Fell St, San Francisco, US
  • Ages 21 and over

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May 31, 2017 at Rickshaw Stop! It’s going to get heavy.

F E A T U R I N G :
Mondo Drag
Death Hymn Number 9
Buffalo Tooth

Presented by Sea Witch Productions
8 P M – $ 1 1 / 1 3 – A L L – A G E S

MONDO DRAG // https://mondodrag.bandcamp.com/album/mondo-drag
Under the spiritual guidance of the forefathers of heavy psych, prog, and proto-metal, Mondo Drag has created an amalgamation of sounds the likes of which have not resounded through the atmosphere for decades. The bands unique sound, and rare cohesion probably stem from the fact that core members John Gamino, Nolan Girard, and Jake Sheley actually grew up within a one mile radius from each other, attended the same schools, were a part of the same scene, and have played music with each other for 15 years.

DEATH HYMN NUMBER 9 // https://deathhymnnumber9.bandcamp.com/album/smokestack-frightening
Formed out of the murky Louisiana Swamp, these four denizens of somnambulance and limited brain power were a former backing band to Motown’s greats, until abandoned at a routine gas stop in Baton Rouge in August 1965. In an act of brazen post-mortem activity, the band soldiered on, focusing their collective rage and wild abandonment issues into a thrashy, gross, fast, groovy, loud, hurt-feeling-fest of garage and punk rock bravado. After emerging from those garbage laden swamps, the band relocated to Los Angeles in late 2009 to annoy and harass the lazy bourgeois bar going public and teenage backyard house show attendee. Who knows what posthumous ridiculousness will ensue.

BUFFALO TOOTH // https://buffalotooth.bandcamp.com/
Formed in the mouth of a buffalo and headed to a mouth near you. Buffalo Tooth are a three-piece assault, combining everything badass and cutting off the fat. Rarely hitting the 3 minute mark leaves little room for bullshit and fluff and just enough time for shredding licks, booming vocal harmonies and crushing drums. Their songs are crafted to invade your ear canal, have it’s way with your ear drum and leave you begging for more.


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