The Electric Pickle presents Black Peters (Afterlife)

The Electric Pickle presents Black Peters (Afterlife)

  • December 15, 2017 10:00 PM to 5:00 AM
  • The Electric Pickle
    2826 North Miami Ave., Miami, US
  • Ages 21 and over

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When Tom Peters dropped his first track “Take Your Chance” it was immediately picked up by the famed Kompakt imprint.
That single alone was the culmination of seven years of DJ work and launched Peter’s into the limelight, releasing on Get Physical and set to launch his own Black Peters label.

With those labels on the CV, this success also propelled Tom to some of the most coveted clubs worldwide, where his unique blend of dreamy melodies woven into sharply angular sets have been experienced at Watergate, Razzmatazz, his own party at about blank, where he hosted artist like Lake People, Sandrino, Benjamin Alexander, Magdalena, Honey Dijon and Baikal, and Prince Charles Club, where he hosted artists like Mind Against, Hunter/Game, Deniz Kurtel and Aerea Negrot.

Though Black Peters first officially appeared on Tale Of Us’ Realm Of Consciousness Pt.II compilation in May 2017, the artist behind it has long been exploring the darker corners of his tastes in the studio with the project in mind. The inspiration for the name comes from the German card game Schwarzer Peter, and more specifically from experiences growing up and being mixed race in a small North German town. The inspiration for the music, however, comes from many years of collecting techno records and nights spent absorbing their pitch black pulse.

In the years between, his sound has evolved towards the melodic and heady end of the genre, opting for rolling, subtle arrangements and trance-inducing atmospheres. Case in point: ‘Avenue B’, his contribution to the Afterlife compilation. The track gradually unfolds and transports you in mind and body, a firm fixture in the sets of Tale Of Us for some time. Black Peters’ DJ sets take the same approach, mining a deep, hypnotic groove until the moment is right for euphoric release. With further EPs, DJ bookings and a remix for legendary scene-stalwart DJ Hell on the way, the dark star of Black Peters is on the rise.

You can listen to him here

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