Life Changing #5: KiNK x Man Power x Bwana

Life Changing #5: KiNK x Man Power x Bwana

  • October 12, 2018 11:59 PM to 4:59 AM
  • Lux Fragil
    Av. Infante Dom Henrique 73B, 1100 Lisboa, Portugal, Lisboa, PT
  • Ages 21 and over

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::: Disco :::
KiNK (live)
Man Power
Yen Sung

::: Bar :::

::: Terrace :::

▸ KiNK

Some people have the gift of finding Music on everything. A fundamental vibration that is exposed and becomes ordered sounds, by the hand of some. Kink is one of those. The Bulgarian producer has been in high demand in the last years and converted legions of fans to his very own way of presenting House and Techno to the dancefloor. A profound knower and lover of machines, he presents a furious live act full of a contagious enthusiasm that just brings everyone on board with him. Pure, original and extremely relevant: this is Kink and for his return to Lux we’d better have our ears open – and our best dance shoes on.

▸ Man Power

A DJ cannot be measured by the depth of his crate – but from his ability to communicate an idea or feeling that comes from an honest place.

It’s Man Power who says it, and the statement certainly helps create an idea of what to expect from the Newcastle prodigy. Growing up in a tight knit community of DJs an producers, he created his own label – Me Me Me – when noone would release his track “Tachyon”, which went on to be one of 2016’s hits with a DJ Tennis remix to booth. The message he wants to convey for the night, well, only he himself will surely know, but if we were to play a guessing game we’d say it’ll be full of music that cares for detail, melody and the power of trance-like sensations, with a defined rhythm and assured contemporaneity. House and Techno without borders, right here in 2018.

▸ Bwana

It’s not everyday we can find an artist who moves with such ease between such different musical languages. Canadian DJ & producer Bwana seems to be a master of several: from post-Dubstep to Deep House, from the harder Techno to the Prog House influences he’s been showing lately, he goes through them all with an unusual ease and an innate sense that Music truly is his life. With a record bag as diverse as his music – which we can find on essential labels such as AUS – he’ll take over our bar booth without a pre-conceived plan but with the skill of someone who can adapt on demand. Let’s expect the unexpected, like it was easy: it isn’t, but with Bwana you can bet it seems so.

More Info at: https://www.facebook.com/events/1072279102896563/

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