Acid Pauli (Ouïe) x Switchdance // Eris Drew x Dexter

Acid Pauli (Ouïe) x Switchdance // Eris Drew x Dexter

  • October 13, 2018 11:59 PM to 4:59 AM
  • Lux Fragil
    Av. Infante Dom Henrique 73B, 1100 Lisboa, Portugal, Lisboa, PT
  • Ages 21 and over

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::: Disco :::
Acid Pauli

::: Bar :::
Eris Drew
Dexter Lux

::: Terrace :::
Mr Mitsuhirato

Acid Pauli

In the beginning of times, rhythm was king. But mankind has long ago explored its musicality, melody taking us to new levels and making us explore infinite possibilities and feelings. Acid Pauli brings us music that carries us in a dancing meditation, speaking to our bodies as well as our minds and, why not, our hearts.

He’s been around since 1995 but has launched himself into fame even more in the latest years, with “Nana” on DJ Koze’s Pampa Records and with his latest album BLD on Ouie. An album where each track has a person’s name, reminding us how personal the experience with a song can. It can be personal with DJs, too – Acid Pauli is back to Lux in glory, on a night to satisfy all those who look further than a raw rhythm in dance music.

Eris Drew

Healing through the vibrational aspect of music and nature; working as a shamaness via her DJing: this is a task that Eris Drew takes on with intent and love – the good kind of magic. She’s been at this for a long time – she got her first pair of decks in 1994, and she still keeps them in her home studio. They’ve played some key records in her collection again and again, like an archetype being revealed multiple times, each one unveiling a new ring of insight at each iteration, rather than getting old. This truth in music and nature is what Eris calls the Motherbeat. Many of these quintessentially house, rave or acid records helped her cope with, in her own words, ‘an existential war with her own body, lost in the culture’s inadequate models of gender’.

But this rite of re-charging symbols (pieces of sound) through playing them is just the tip of the iceberg – new records, with the same timeless, emotional quality keep entering Eris’ collection. She blends them with utmost precision, but the spirituality of them is what whispers the most sweetly to the ears of those lucky enough to dance together to one of her sets. Chicago has been blessed with direct access to the Motherbeat many times via her Hugo Ball parties alongside Sold at Smart Bar and her workshops on vinyl DJing and dance music history (focusing on trans luminairies) – as well as Seattle’s feminist rave TUFF, NYC’s Good Room – where she shared the booth with her love Octo Octa, with whom Eris is sharing her first record, to be relesed later this month – or the Honey Soundsystem nights in SF. Europe was slower to catch up, but in the past year has finally embraced Eris as a true messenger of rave in its most bautiful, ecstatic meaning. After stand-out sets at festivals like Atonal or Field Maneuvers, she is finally visiting our Lisbon mothership – and lucky for us, the Motherbeat comes embedded in her.

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