Modern Day Rippers record release W/ Omega Tribe (UK) & Halligan

Modern Day Rippers record release W/ Omega Tribe (UK) & Halligan

  • August 16, 2017 6:30 PM to 11:00 PM
  • Reggie's Rock Club
    2105 S State St, Chicago, US
  • Ages 21 and over

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Thanks to SELF-DESTRUTO RECORDS The long awaited MODERN DAY RIPPERS sophmore full length LP, “DOING THE LORD’S WORK” will finally be hitting the streets! Faces will melt, heads will explode, and panties will be wet!

Omega Tribe are a four- piece band from North-East London. The band were formed in the early 1980s and drew on diverse musical influences to bring strong melody along with an impassioned polemic to the anarcho music scene of the time. Omega Tribe were a group of teenage musicians who were supported by established groups Poison Girls and Crass to bring their sound to an audience beyond local youth club. There were three vinyl releases, including the album ‘No Love Lost’ and performances across the U.K. and in Holland and Belgium.

Fast forward 30 odd years and the band have reformed. Some have dubbed Omega Tribe ‘anarcho-punk legends’, but there is more to the band than nostalgia. Reconnecting with the strong anti-war message of their early work, Omega Tribe are bringing a fresh positive energy to their performances and seeking to connect with people with a message of unity and resistance. In the first few months they have written new material and perform a live set that blends it… [read more]

Get ready for the new shit babies. You thought you seen it all…you ain’t seen nothin’. It’s time to rip it up in a modern way, it’s time to rip it up in the modern day, It’s time for the MODERN DAY RIPPERS! Featuring members of Rotten Fruits, Hotlips Messiah, The Romeros and The Mashers. Taking punk rock, glam rock, and rock n roll and turning it up to 11! Modern Day Rippers are the new wave of no future. Garage rock swagger with street punk attitude! You’ve been warned bitches.

Halligan was formed in early 2015 out of friendships of 20+ years. The members of Halligan have played in various bands together over that time. Most notably Squared Off, Ez Kebage, Hot Lips Messiah, and The Kobanes. The band was given the name Halligan due to three of the four members history of firefighting. Firefighters use a Halligan tool to force entry and to breach walls. The members found it a fitting name that describes their style of music. Influences of punk, oi, hardcore, and early rock n roll are shown in every song making them adaptable to any concert line up. The members of Halligan are Paul Van Cleave – Guitar and Vocals, J.P. Rosentreter – Guitar and Vocals, Ryan Leavitt -Bass and Vocals, and Chris Mueller – Drums.

Music Joint 2105 S. State 21+ 10$ in advance $15 at the door


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