Penthouse Sweets / The Safes / The Means of Production

Penthouse Sweets / The Safes / The Means of Production

  • April 29, 2017 7:00 PM to 12:00 AM
  • LiveWire Lounge Chicago
    3394 N. Milwaukee Ave., Chicago, US
  • Ages 21 and over
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$8 / starts at 9

Chicago’s Penthouse Sweets play rock music forever and ever — but officially since 2002. A flower in the dirt of the Chicago music scene, we have nearly 100 years of combined rock ‘n’ roll experience. We do country-rock, psych-rock, love-rock, hate-rock, regular-rock…and rock. There are four of us: Andy (singing/guitar), Lou (guitar/singing), Eric (bass), and Adam (drums).

Our new LP, In the House of the Penthouse Sweets, has been in the works since the winter of 2014. It’s laid back, it’s loud, it’s old and it’s new. There are hints of the 70’s in the production, loose 90’s indie rock in the music, and the lyrics revel in the confusion, love, and total failure experienced by dumb dudes everywhere since time immemorial. What it’s about, above all, is 4 people bringing their unique musical personalities to the table and coming away with a deep and varied record that captures a moment that is already gone. You. Buy. Now.

The Safes possess that unique chemistry that only exists when a talented group of siblings form a band (ala The Kinks, The Breeders, The Stooges, Redd Kross, Right Said Fred). Call ‘em “garage-kissed power pop” ( San Francisco Chronicle), “atomic pop” ( Rolling Stone), or simply “wild and crazy” (Chicago Tribune), The Safes have collected plenty of accolades for however you’d like to sum up their expert-level snappy songwriting and sharp showmanship.

The Means of Production have been impressing and entertaining their friends for awhile now. The time has come for them to go public. Check out their sound, as they wrangle psych and shoegaze into new permutations that are luxuriating in length, but have pop hooks as their anchor. Your head will be in the clouds, but you’ll come away singing the songs. Do not miss!!!


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