Bolthorn, Øde Vinter, Lazarus, Non Exotic

Bolthorn, Øde Vinter, Lazarus, Non Exotic

  • November 17, 2017 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM
  • LiveWire Lounge Chicago
    3394 N. Milwaukee Ave., Chicago, US
  • Ages 21 and over

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From great fires arise the sounds of madness. Friday, November 17th, the speech of the damned finds it home on Live Wires Stage. Come and gaze upon the abyssal!

Bolthorn: Formed in Chicago in the dark, cold winter of 2015, Bolthorn began to craft their unique tomes of riff-heavy, crushing black metal for their first recording: Menslich Dämmerung, a six song EP. Bolthorn’s norsk-tinged, at times progressive take on apocalyptic black metal speaks cautionary tales that morph from the voice of the egregiously victimized masses of our suffering planet, to the personal fires of struggle that haunt all living beings, our petty ancient gods forever lurking in the shadows, cackling at our condition.

Øde Vinter: Psychedelic black metal dread militia dragging as many corpses behind them on the trek from Champaign-Urbana as possible, tunes that are heavier than André the Giant and crazier than Eric André. That guy trying to harvest your organs in the pit/sell them outside after the show is likely in this band.

Lazarus: “Lazarus is an instru-metal duo from Chicago, Illinois. The band was formed by brothers Zach and Jonah Lazarus in 2011, when they released their debut album Banned From Hell. Their music covers a broad range of genres, incorporating elements of death metal, post-rock, and experimental music.”

Non Exotic: An alternative rock quartet from Chicago, Illinois. Their sound is described as prolific music, the culmination of advanced musicians combining the best elements of 90’s hard rock, shoe-gaze, and the heavier rock of the early 2000’s. Every live exhibition features emotional, captivating music, heart-filled performance, and explosive power.


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