Jake Miller, The Stolen • Chicago [9.13]

Jake Miller, The Stolen • Chicago [9.13]

  • September 13, 2017 5:00 PM to 10:00 PM
  • Bottom Lounge
    1375 W Lake St, Chicago, US
  • Ages 21 and over

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$20 Adv // 6:00 PM // All Ages
Bottom Lounge | 1375 W. Lake St. | Chicago



Doors 6:00 PM / Show 7:00 PM

$20 Adv / $23 Day of

Age Limit:
All Ages

About Jake Miller:
At the beginning of 2016, Jake Miller made a conscious decision to flip the script. Known to millions for his clever, charismatic rhymes, the 23-year-old recording artist, performer, model, and actor challenged himself in the studio as he commenced work on what would become his new Overnight EP [Warner Bros. Records].

“If you’re an artist, your music is going to evolve with you,” he explains. “I started off as a kid who wanted to explore rapping, because I love hip-hop. I gradually evolved to spitting the verses and singing the choruses. The more I explored singing, the more I was interested in it. I never really did that before. I wanted to see what it would be like to make music with all singing. I studied with some vocal coaches and worked harder than ever. It’s the Jake Miller you know and love, but I’m growing up.”

Since 2012, the Miami native has continually evolved, surprising fans at every turn. His incredible, impassioned, faithful audience dubbed “the Millertary” encompasses over 970K Instagram followers, 700K Twitter followers, and 600K YouTube subscribers. By 2016, his breakout hit “First Flight Home” exceeded digital sales of 100,000, while “Dazed and Confused” [feat. Travie McCoy] racked up over 11.6 million Spotify streams and counting. Along the way, he’s been featured by the likes of Popstar Magazine, Pop Crush, Teen.com, MTV, Just Jared Jr., and many more, and he’s performed alongside everybody from Pharrell, Mac Miller, Ariana Grande, Flo Rida to Jason Derulo. 2015’s Rumors EP shot to #1 on iTunes Overall Top Albums Chart upon release and saw him crisscross the globe on his biggest headline tour yet. Upon returning to Los Angeles from the road, Jake embraced a different slate of influences, finding inspiration in the swag of Pharrell, N.E.R.D., and “old school” Justin Timberlake.

“I really got into a funkier sound,” he explains. “That’s what I’ve been listening to mostly. I love that style of bass. I had to put it into Overnight. I wanted everything to be upbeat and fun. I fell in love with that up-tempo funkiness. It was time to bring it back.”

The first single and title track “Overnight” represents this progression. A handclap-driven beat grooves along with a danceable synth before Jake confidently carries the big chant, “Maybe we can fix it overnight.”

“It really set the tone for the rest of the music,” he goes on. “It’s about a relationship where things aren’t going too well at the moment. However, if these two people stay up all night and don’t go to sleep until they figure things out, then maybe they can fix it. With enough motivation and determination, it can be saved.”

Among the six songs on Overnight, “Superhuman” takes flight on a bouncy shuffle and finger snaps tailor-made for his energetic live show. Meanwhile, the sunny “Good Thing” spotlights his impressive falsetto between sunny and slick production. “Parade” coasts along on lithe acoustic guitar before another anthemic refrain. “That one is about someone who’s never one-hundred percent happy and satisfied with what they have,” he elaborates. “They don’t realize how great their relationship is and end up missing what they had after it’s over.”

Produced by The Stereotypes [Justin Bieber], the boisterous sexy swoon of “Tell Me You Love It” twists and turns over a prominent bass thump that’s impossible to shake. “That really exemplifies this new sound,” he affirms. “It’s just got this powerful energy that I was drawn to. It’s such a cool and funky song.”

Overnight positions Jake for his biggest year to date. He hits the road with Fifth Harmony in summer ‘16, and he recently signed with one of the world’s most prestigious modeling agencies Wilhelmina Models. However, he continues to deliver for the “Millertary” by pushing himself.

“I’m very proud of where I’m at creatively,” he leaves off. “I always want to change things up a little bit and give the fans something different. I think I’ve accomplished that this time around.”

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♫ soundcloud.com/jake-miller-music

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