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Unadave has been an avid participant of the dance community since 1993…. Starting off as a listening / dancing machine and later moving into a behind the scenes role. First absorbing as much knowledge and insight into the new breath taking music that was enveloping the globe, and expending hours of energy dancing as a release from the time consuming life of a double major in college, a deeply seeded passion was planted. Directly after graduating from University, Unadave pursued a professional software development position that landed him in NYC in 1998. It was here that he had the time and funds to dive headfirst into DJing. With most weekends spent at Twilo, the Tunnel, and Sound Factory, Unadave gained an even deeper appreciation for Dance Culture as week after week he witnessed live shows by the world’s most influential, cutting edge artists, producers, and DJs. His professional travels would take him from NYC, Chicago, Sydney, Miami, and ultimately he decided to make the move back to OKC where he could cheaply live while he dove headfirst into production, promotion, and build a stable DJ presence with a few solid gigs under his belt. Since his return to OKC, Unadave has played numerous events, clubs, and parties, in 6 states. He has built a faithful following with his constant, driving, deeply intelligent Progressive house and trance, a noticeable step above the norm for the genre. Aside from a handful of smaller events (some with his co-host DJ Dvyne), Unadave had little first hand experience throwing events, but dove in headfirst. Unadave formed Rise Up productions to showcase some larger events with ideas, knowledge, and insight that he gained from his travels. From 2000 to 2003, Unadave put on 18 events, some smaller more intimate events with top regional DJs, but also some of the larger events of the time frame in OKC. Over 750 people crammed into a building for the event ‘Lifted Higher’, a venue that would soon become home of Sanctuary, a positive, underground club that made a tiny difference in the lives of OKC club goers for 10 months. With that experience and trials under his belt, Unadave is poised to grow into more meaningful, further reaching ventures, both in OKC, and elsewhere. For the time being, Unadave is focusing 110% of his time on DJing and producing, a 3 year hobby that is soon to break full on into the public light. Always guided by the positive direction of God’s touch, motivated by the spreading of the light in others, Unadave always seeks to deliver an emotional, meaningful performance.



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