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Location: Detroit, United States United States
Genre: Minimal, Techno


Language: English

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Stop-e is a 1st generation Hungarian , both his parents immigrated here from Hungary after 1956 . Coming from a broad musical and cultural background in folk music via his parents . Stop-e learned to play piano & folk dance at a young age . After a few year’s touring around the Midwest with Dancers Hungaria. Stop-e and a few of the dancers where asked to join a professional dance group based out of Cleveland , Ohio http://www.csardasdance.com/. As a natural in front of a crowd , this was a a easy choice , to get paid to do something that he loves to do .

Stop_e began his DJ career at The Island back in 2000 . Spinning Hip-Hop, Electro and Ghetto Tech; a resident there until 2003.Continuing on to DJ all the down river hot spots including Harlands, Bono’s/Gleasons, Frankies, Club Divine, Club Extreme, River Rock night club to name a few.

Stop-e’s 1st big break was at Blue in 04 opening up for Rockell, Lil Suzy, along side Dj Marquis, a Freestyle Event they had there. After a break to focus on his rental properties , but with his heart still in electronic music, he slowly started to work his way back into swing of things. Stop_e looked for new sounds by attending events and keeping tabs on on the new music coming out . I guess you could say the rest is history .

You can catch Stop-e mixing live on www.The-Lost-art.com every Friday 4-6 pm eastern standard time . Also thru out the week on his website www.stop-e.com .



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