Location: Berlin, Germany Germany
Labels: Klientele


Language: English

Sneaky is a Classically trained musician who realized the need to search for his own musical identity at a very young age. After many years of formal training on cello and doublebass and the completion of a music degree in his hometown of Manchester, Sneaky became involved with forward thinking club nights Headfunk and Eardrum alongside a young drummer James Ford (SimianMobileDisco), and resident djs MrScruff, Andy Votel and Mark Rae. By 1997 Sneaky was heavily involved with Mark Rae´s Manchester based label Grand Central as a live session musician touring extensively around Europe and Australia with the Rae & Christian band. A session with fellow Manc, Mr Scruff in 99 produced the cheeky dancefloor classic “Get a move on” and the following year Sneaky formed FINGATHING with fellow R&C band member Peter Parker after jamming together in the downtime of the R&C rehearsals.

After 7 years of worldwide touring, 3 albums, several singles and eps released through Grand Central and Ninja Tune records, Fingathing collectively decided to take a break. Sneaky moved to Berlin March 2007 to further his musical inspiration and has been making his solo mark ever since….. Debut solo album “Feel Like A King…Pluck A String” was released in 2009 on the Big Chill Label and follow up “Feel Like A Remix” album in 2010.

Other current projects and collaborations include: Graciela Maria (Project Mooncircle), Robot Koch (Project Mooncircle), RQM, Matt Frameworks, Danny Drive Thru.

Since the age of 14 Sneaky has collected vinyl and djed for parties with an eclectic musical vision that represents his creative influences. Rooted heavily with jazz and (proper) funk diggin over the years he has expanded his quest for the sickness to encompass rock, psyche, hip hop, latin, folk, reggae, electro, disco and anything else with sufficient dirt and soul.



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