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Language: English

Sir Charles is an Artist & Performance DJ, Producer, Entertainer, Actor, Commercial Voice and Idea-Powerhouse, he has a great eye for creative and new ways of doing things, he works with ideas for many various types of shows including TV and currently work in a team with Alfie S creating ideas for Television, some that might not be to far away from the screen, somewhere in the World, His performance set ups, singing, music productions, designs, marketing, sales and presentation knowledge is well established and highly recommended.

Sir Charles is always on the look out for talented people to represent him, his ideas and various concepts in for the club, event, Radio/TV and any other market that will have great use for them.

Though first and foremost Sir Charles is very well known for his Old School DJ Sets, his Performances, Song-Writing, Music, Scribbling and his endless Creativity & Design Ideas. I have seen him in action on stage many times and to tell you the truth, has a knack for making hole venues take off, just wait and see when you book this Power-House of an Artist/DJ. ;-)


Lisbeth Eriksen

President Sir Charles Fan-club




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Sir Charles