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Rodolfo Yacaman started Dj’ing in 2002 as a Home / Radio Dj. He started first as a part time Dj at a local prestigious radio station, Dee Jay 89.5, and as time passed he got his own private one hour show that aired three to five times a week, the One Hour Techno Live Mix.

Later on he started gaining a lot of fame on the radio which lead to his first live gig at a small local Honduran dance Club called Hopa/Trendy where he opened the show for Dj Ozzy, who is well known also from Honduras.

Rodolfo played for a total of two years live in the radio until he got his first Residency at a very prestigious local club called Mantra. He was Resident for a total of one year; in that time span he also achieved other gigs in Honduras like in La Vela and Yoda Bar.

Rodolfo is currently working on new sets and gathering new music. He started of playing Trance, and then switched to Progressive/Trance followed by Progressive/Electro. Rodolfo tried all types of genres of Dance Music until he found the one that suited him the best, Electro-House.

He has learned to master and achieve remarkable mixes and live sets with this new genre, and he is achieving new ground as a Dj. These achievements are not looked down upon, he is currently the full time Resident DJ for ZONALIQUIDA, who always delivers the best and suitable gigs for Rodolfo.

Currently being a full time student in the United States he still finds time to find gigs in local clubs and bars. But during summer he always flies back home to Honduras for three and a half months and always breaks up the scene with new music and live mixes that really astound people.



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