Location: Denver, United States United States
Genre: Minimal, Techno, Trance
Alias/Collaboration: LUAR
Labels: Apsides Records, Rebeat, Sonik Boom Records, THClub Records


Language: 官话 / Deutsch / English / Español / Français / Italiano / 日本語 / Nederlands / Português

DJ Producer Luar began his humble electronica roots when he picked up his first Depeche Mode vinyl in the late 70’s. By the age of Dj Luar was operating his own mobile DJ company in Venezuela, spinning new wave music at small parties and gatherings. At this Luar increased his musical knowledge taking music courses and lessons emphasizing in piano. Upon completion of his early music learnings, Luar advanced his education at the Roland Learning Center, where he and a few fellow students created a project known as Ojo Fatuo a mix between Rock and Roll and the early beginnings of Electronica. During his time with Ojo Fatuo , Luar continued his education in music and sound receiving his degree in TAS and sound engineering. By 1998 Luar’s reputation as a producer and DJ culminated into him throwing “Patanemo” a 12 day event of non stop music in a small Venezuelan town. Patanemo or “Total Eclipse” received heavy promotion from Europe, with many of the guest coming from all European nations, and the top producers of the European electronica scene.

Now he is working with a new generation of music producers like Dramachild

D-Nemesis, Monktec and Hefty, new techno producers around the world.

His is actually working in the soundtrack for the movie “Lost Journey”:


A Canadian-Irani Independent film to be release in April 2011 in Toronto, CA.

Ojo Fatuo started an electronic/rock music group from Caracas, Venezuela. Founded by DJ Luar (Luar Aleman) and Frank Wow (Franklin Cordido) in the early nineties as an experimental post-punk band, the original lineup included Carlos Hernandez (currently the manager for many Venezuelan rock bands) on bass guitar, and Tommy (Germanico Tomaselli), who is the brother of Pancho Tomaselli (bass player for War and Tricky), on drums.

After the 1993 “Ojo Fatuo” album the band evolved into a techno-rock sound, sometimes appearing as a band and sometimes as a DJ crew led by DJ Luar. In 1999 the “Ethereal Sunrise” album came out, which yielded the hits “Disco” and “El Rap,” and remained on the Esperanto Most Sold list for over a year (10,000 copies).

In 2001 came “Twilight Afternoon.” Some songs from this record were part of the soundtrack for the short film “Three Monkeys.” After relocating to the United States, DJLuar (Ojo Fatuo)put out another album, “Sunset Transitions.”

Electro house Dj, Progressive House and Trance Dj, Dj Luar (Also Known As Ojo Fatuo) has been in the scene for many years, Winning Cannes Festival Bets Shortfilm (Music)

International Dj, Spinning Around the World.

Ojo Fatuo was elected the Best Electro Music Dj During 1999 to 2001 in Venezuela.

Between 2002 and 2010 he has been playing in different shows, raves and night events around USA

He is Living in Denver, Colorado and he plays often at The Church Night Club and Beta Night Club.

He actually is working in United States as a Dj teacher in The International Hispanic Media Insitute


Electro House Dj, Progressive House Dj, Trance Music, Denver Dj, Venezuela Best Dj, Cannes Festival, International Dj, Short film winner on Cannes Short Film Festival (France)

Friends: Trevor Nygaard, Soul Rebel, Rob Meagher



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