Myshell Nukina




Location: Vancouver, Canada Canada
Genre: Progressive House
Labels: Rebeat


Language: English

Trained in Acutonics and Sound Therapy, Myshell’s music defies the boundaries set by electronic music genres. Her productions fuse a vast array of influences. Her live electronic act incorporates elements of trance, house, breaks, funk, rock and even hip-hop. Myshell’s spontaneous sets involve remixes on the fly with loops layered and arranged in real time. No two shows are alike.

Myshell has played Western Canada’s largest events (such as Summerlove, Summerbreak & Apex) as well opening for some of dance music’s biggest names such as Armin Van Buuren, Benny Benassi, Matt Darey, Anne Savage, Donald Glaude and Doc Martin.

Her live mix CD, Myshell Nukina Live, reached #154 on the Canadian Independent Radio Charts in 2004 as well as garnering critical praise from the likes of Jesse Saunders, “originator” of house music, and Craig Anderton, editor of EQ magazine.

“Myshell knows her stuff! I got a copy of her doing a set, and yeah, it’s good. She managed to work in Public Enemy, Aretha Franklin and AC/DC and made it all fit. Cool.. -Craig Anderton, EQ



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Myshell Nukina