Location: Toronto, Canada Canada
Genre: House, Trance


Language: English

DJ Mumbles is an upcoming DJ from Toronto, Ontario, Canada and has always been a big music head for all genres of music from not only Trance but Hip Hop, House, Classic Rock to Soul and Funk. DJ Mumbles first began to fall in love with music when his older sister passed down a cassette tape of Rob Base and DJ EZ Rock’s It Takes Two album. Growing up he began listening more to genres like Hip Hop and House, favourite tracks from Biz Markie “Just A Friend”, Robin S “Show Me Love” to Nightcrawlers “Push the Feelin On”. DJ Mumbles has also the upmost respect for DJ Culture to turntablism with influences from Grand Wizzard Theodore, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Kool Herc to DJ Q-Bert.

Mumbles ran his own online record store and record label known as Mumbles Hip Hop Records from January 2003 to the end of 2008. The online store consisted of the sale of Hip Hop CDs, Vinyl, DVDs and gear. Mumbles Hip Hop Records also formed into a record label releasing a total of 8 releases on CD and Vinyl format and was also able to obtain worldwide distribution through FatBeats Distribution (NYC) and Crosstalk Chicago. But because of the decline of the music industry, sales drastically decreased and Mumbles Hip Hop was forced to close its doors.

Growing up as a Hip Hop Head, how did Mumbles get into Trance? Back as a teenager in the late 90s, he started hitting raves and was exposed to differnet culture and music. Although his friends were into other genres like Drum & Bass and Jungle, Mumbles was intrigued by the sound of Trance. Tracks like Binary Finary’s 1998 and Tiesto’s remix of Derelium’s Silence influenced him on loving the music. Now Mumbles hopes to continue the path by providing the best of Trance and House music to listeners across the globe.



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Mumbles (Toronto)