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Michelle graduated from Yale University where she studied music perception and cognition. While still in school, she made her presence felt in the music world by producing and performing on tracks for Warner Brothers Records, Om Records, Ministry of Sound and King Britt’s FiveSix label.

She’s charted on Gilles Peterson’s Top 20 List, as well as on major taste-making stations such as Los Angeles’ famed KCRW. Her single “If I Lost You” reached number 1 on BBC London 94.9 FM and became promotional theme music for VH1.

Michelle appeared in a Coke Zero commercial that graced televisions and theatres nationwide. Her collaboration with Speakerbox, “Time”, reached number 5 on the Billboard Dance Charts and was licensed to the Discovery Channel and TLC.

Michelle worked with producers Joshua Valleau (John Legend, Imani Coppola) and Alex Elena (grammy nominated producer of Alice Smith) to complete her debut album “Purple Skies”. Her innovative sound transcends genre and has been embraced globally.

“Back Down To Earth” became “Single of the Week” on iTunes Japan, went to #5 on the Tokio Hot 100 charts, and became the most requested song on Botswana’s top station Yarona FM. Her songs simultaneously occupied the #1, #2 and #3 spots on the iTunes Jazz Singles chart in Japan while her album became the #1 Jazz Album and #7 Album in all genres. Her songs have reached the top 10 charts in all of Korea’s most popular digital malls (Korea’s equivalent to Itunes). “Back Down to Earth”, “Always Belong to You”, “Ferris Wheel” and “Windows” are in regular rotation at Abercrombie and Fitch, Hollister, H&M, Gilly Hicks, Barnes and Nobles, Wet Seal, BodyShop, Forever 21, Arden B, Wilson’s Leather and Stylish Sophistication stores around the world.

“Back Down to Earth” reached the Itunes top 100 Jazz singles chart in the U.S., Germany and Greece. And “Always Belong to You” has done the same in Australia, Canada, Greece, Mexico (#9!) and the U.S.

Michelle was invited to perform for the opening of Republik in Hong Kong, spiritual guru Deepak Chopra invited her to speak & play music on his Sirius Satellite radio show, and YouTube superstars like Michelle Phan regularly feature Michelle’s music in videos reaching millions of viewers.

She celebrated her recent signing to BMG by thanking her facebook fans in a video featured on Facebook’s official music page.

“f*cking great track!! [”Back Down To Earth"]

makes me happy today in Tokyo as I look out of my window x"

-Gilles Peterson

“Michelle is an amazing talent. I don’t know how she does it, but somehow her music feels like a mixture of

1 part)..Hans Christian Anderson fairy tale

1 part)..raw funk and

1 part)..that whimsical feeling you get when you’re dancing like you don’t care who’s watching.

So few artists are the composite of such rare and beautiful elements of

creativity. I love how she makes me feel !”

-Eric Benet

“Back down to earth…like a romantic circus ride…beautifull…YOU MAKE WONDERFUL MUSIC!”

-Narada Michael Walden

(Whitney, Mariah, Aretha, Diana…)

‘’…Few releases have quite equaled the initial impact made by Michelle Shaprow’s ground breaking “If I Lost You” (Scuba Mix)

to the discerning ears of over 75,000 regular Sunday night listeners to my weekly BBC LONDON radio show GIANT 45. As they overwhelmingly

voted the song record of the year"

-Norman Jay

“Michelle Shaprow is all things beautiful.

Her aura, presence and most of all sound make for a gift for all to share.

Michelle is the truth.”

-King Britt

“Such a great, sweet song” [Always Belong to You]

-Redfoo (LMFAO)

“love it” [“I Would Be Good For You”]

-Randy Jackson

“pure genuis”

-Om’Mas Keith

“interesting and vibey!”

-Dan Kimpel

“very cool”

-Terry McBride

“music to smile by”

-Rob Hallett

(AEG Live, Michael Jackson, Duran Duran, Bon Jovi)

""iTunes 世代の歌姫"—“Diva of the iTunes generation""

-HMV Japan

“ok, I just spent all afternoon, all evening and will most likely for the next 72 hours straight, listen to Michelle Shaprow’s entire record “PURPLE SKIES” it is one of the most imaginative, cleverly written, inspiring pieces of music that I have heard in god knows how long.

o u c h, what a ride."

-Michael Moog

“I’m buying two albums this year Jay Electronica and Michelle Shaprow”

-Collin Stanback

“Shaprow is the truth”

-tweet by Ant Demby

“ur whole steez is groundbreaking”

-tweet by Doc Mckinney (Esthero, Res, Graph Nobel)



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Michelle Shaprow